Working at Heights Score

  • Safety netting in place

  • Double Handrail in place (950mm - 1200mm in height from floor level)

  • Rescue procedure in place?

  • Is the area below the works cordoned off?

Plant and Equipment Score

  • Plant equipment free from damage, defects?

  • All attachments safe & compatible with plant/equipment?

  • Have plant operators received the relevant training?

  • Correct plant & equipment for job? (eg grinding discs for cutting)

  • All auxilary devices in place on Teleporter?(Mirrors, flashing beacons, reversing beacon, camera etc)

  • Spotter in use with MEWP

  • MEWP Emergency lowering valves fully operational?

  • Plant/Equipment inspected regularly?


  • Fully trained persons erecting scaffold above 4m?

  • Scaffolding tagged or signed as safe to use?

  • Scaffold inspected a minimum of every 7 days?

  • Scaffold components(Boards, fittings, jacks, etc) in good order?

  • Safe Work Load (SWL) exceeded?

  • System scaffold erected as per manufacture instructions?

  • Scaffold tied supported to structure?

Lifting Equipment/Crane

  • Unsafe or damaged lifting equipment/ destroyed or removed from site?

  • Loads lifted over persons, close proximity to obstacles including over head lines?

  • Lifting equipment inspected regularly?

  • SWL information clearly displayed?

  • Certificate available for all slings, chain blocks, lifting eyes etc?

  • Crane operated by a fully trained CSCS card holder?

  • All relevant certification available for crane including weekly plant inspection?

  • All loads rigged by fully trained Slinger/Signaler?

  • Crane/lifting equipment maintenance carried out by qualified technican?

  • SWL of plant or any lifting equipment adhered to?

  • Crane swing area/Lifting zone fully barriered off?

  • Lifting operation cancelled during windy weather?

  • Crane lifting plan in place?

  • Crane set up as per requirements of Lifting plan?

Safety Harness and fall arrest Equipment Score

  • Safety harness certified by a competent person within last 6 months?

  • Safety harness inspected weekly and report of inspection on record?

  • Scaffold hook & carbiner in good order and free from defects?

  • Serial number legible & date of manufacture fully legible?

  • Safe /certified anchor points in use?

  • All operatives fully trained in safe use of harness?

  • Lanyard, inertia reel in good order?

Ladders Score

  • Unsafe or damaged ladder- Safe or at risk?

  • Unsafe positioning of ladderr- Safe or at risk?

  • Ladder suitable for the task? (I.e. fibreglass used for live electrical installations)

  • Ladder inspected regularly

  • Ladder secured properly?

  • Ladder free from paint and defects?

Hazardous Manual Tasks

  • All operatives manual handling trained?

  • Has Manual handling activity been risk assessed?

  • Mechanical aids being used to reduce the manual handling risk? (Trolleys, teleporter, chain blocks, crane, bottle jack, lever)

  • Risks controls implemented where mechanical aids can't be used? (examples: job rotation, lighter loads, group lift)

  • PPE applicable for the task ( gloves, safety boots)?

Hazardous Chemical(including paint, fuel and oil)

  • Suitable storage location? (eg flammables away from ignition sources, spills could enter stormwater drains etc)

  • Incompatible chemicals stored near each other? Safe or at risk?

  • Adequate spill containment equipment in place? ( bunded storage)

  • Safety Data Sheets accessible on site?

  • Emergency procedures for injury/spills/fire etc?

  • Excessive quantities stored on site or in vehicles? Safe or at risk?

  • Sufficient ventilation?

  • Suitable PPE being used? .(correct gloves, respiratory mask etc)

  • Suitable storage containers, correct labelling ? (unlabelled or stored in food containers)

Emergency Response

  • Emergency plan in place for site?

  • Full trained first aider on site?

  • Fire drill carried out within the last 6 months

  • Adequate first aid kits aid equipment for site?

  • Adequate fire fighting equipment in place? (Fire extinguisher, fire blanket)

  • Life ring, life jacket, rescue boat in place on work over/ near water?

Traffic Management

  • Traffic Management Plan(TMP) in place?

  • Spotter used to aid reversing trucks?

  • All reversing alarms, lights, working with trucks and site vehicles?

  • Adequate controls for TMP? (physical barriers, bollards, speed limits, flashing lights, spotters etc)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Adequate PPE in place for the task being carried out?

  • Hearing protection in place in noisy areas?

  • Full face shield used with angle grinder?

  • High visibility clothing clean?

  • PPE stored in a suitable area? (I.e. Safety harness storage)

  • Suitable safety boots in use & free from defects? (exposed toe cap, damaged sole)

Work Environment

  • Access routes free from trip hazards?

  • Task lighting sufficient ?

  • Adequate Housekeeping ?

  • Adequate noise/vibration control?

  • Adequate dust control/suppression?

  • Adequate amenities? (Toilets, wash areas, canteen, drying rooms etc)

  • Adequate air quality? ( free from fumes, paint odour etc)

Electrical Hazards

  • electrical leads in good order/inspected within the last month?

  • RCD protection?

  • Electrical equipment located away from chemicals that could cause damage? (I.e. water, corrosive substances on leads etc)

  • Risk of contact with overhead electrical lines?

  • Risk of Electrical leads that may be damaged from contact with moving machinery parts?

  • Leads placed on ground or on metal structures? Safe or at risk?

  • Electrical equipment located away from water?

  • Electrical equipment located away from flammable material ?

Environmental Hazards

  • Adequate Environmental Management Plan in place

  • Adequate, dust suppression system in place?

  • Aadequate systems to prevent contaminants entering stormwater drains?

  • Chemicals and fuels stored properly and bunded?

  • Environmental monitoring required? (Noise, dust, air monitoring, asbestos, etc)

  • Asbestos removal required?

  • Waste segregation in place? ( metal, wood, general waste)

  • Spill kit in place?

  • Drip trays in use?

Administrative Procedures

  • HSA Notification of construction in place?

  • Construction stage safety Plan in place?

  • Company safety statement in place?

  • Adequate supervisory arrangements in place? (competent supervisors etc)

  • Adequate training in place?- Safe pass, CSCS, abrasive wheels, MEWP, safety harness training, skills experience?

  • Safe Work Method Statements for all high risk work?

  • Work place SPA in place?

  • All required permits in place? (Hot work, ope permit, access permit etc)

  • All workers, visitors inducted?

  • incident notification procedures in place?

  • Adequate routine inspections, monitoring, audits being carried out?

  • Record of statutory inspection up to date and in place? ( i.e. AF forms, GA forms)

Summary of findings.

Audit close out:

  • Photos of closed out items:

  • Items to close out:

  • Item no:
  • Audit items fully actioned?

  • Audit actioned by: (signature)

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