Store Information

  • SAP # / Store Name

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel on staff during visit

Intro to Audit

  • Ensure that the you are onsite in time to observe all behaviors. At store by 9AM

  • The purpose of the audit is to identify any behaviors inconsistent with Talk Mobile and T-Mobile Standards. Ensure that you are not collaborating with store employees as to how you answer each item. This needs to be an independent assessment.

Opening Procedures

  • Do all employees have their own alarm codes? Not for new employees.

  • Was the till cash located in safe prior to open and in the banker bags?

  • Were the tills in balance within $1 +/- when opening the store? Count ALL tills regardless. If under/over, please list the amount.

  • Does the change fund contain $500 or within $1 +/- ? If under/over, please list the amount. <br>

  • Is the Tellermate counter plugged in and operational? N/A if store does not have a Tellermate.

  • Is the previous day's Quick Connect filled out completely? Was the rep checkout executed from the previous day? Take a picture if not complete.

  • Are most recent available store board metrics posted?

  • Is the paperwork packet completed from 2 days ago? (Example: Auditing on Wednesday, Monday's packet should be complete.) Please list amount if more than 3+ days

  • Comments/Notes Regarding Opening Procedures


TIMO Phone Count

  • Complete a phone count via the TIMO scanner. List the total monthly variance. Review from the 1st of the month to current date.

  • Are Phones being scanned daily? For locations with out scanner are they completing a manual SOH report? Previous week were 5 days completed?

  • Is the weekly phone count and/or inventory being completed on Tuesday?Look at current week and last week.

  • Are mandatory SIM counts completed each week? Should be completed with phone counts on Tue.

  • Were all inventory shipments secured in cage/safe/storage cabinet?

  • Are restocking fee stickers on all sellable devices excepts for iPhones?

  • If the store posted a variance greater than $500 for the previous month, was the variances email sent to SOM and or DM?

  • Does the store have a minimum of two bins? Are the bins labeled? (Returns, Trade etc.)

  • Was the inventory received into SAP within 24hrs of delivery to the store? Review the TIMO scanner to see received, pending, store-to-store and overdue shipments. For overdue shipments please review tracking number to verify its been received in store.

  • When processing trade-in device are they properly evaluate the condition of the device using the Assurant tool? Review current devices that have been received.

  • Are all trade-ins and returns properly stored in the back room with the receipt and/or POS documents wrapped around the device and in bubble wrap?

  • Is the TIMO inventory scanner being charged or fully charged?Is it behind two lock door when not in use or charging? Its never to be left unattended.

  • Are the 2 tracking devices properly functioning, charged, and marked?

Outbound Shipments

  • Are all trade-ins and customer returns being sent in every Tuesday and Friday? Have the management show you the STOs to show shipment creation.

  • Is location free from end of life products that have not been sent back to the Return Center when requested?

  • Store-to-Store transfers and/or Return Shipments (Pull 5 Random Examples): STO Contains IMEI's in description, UPS label?

  • Is the store using the caution and safety awareness labels on all outgoing shipments and/or do they have an adequate supply on hand?

  • Have all ISW, trade-ins and returns been returned within a 7 day time frame?

Loaner Phone Tracking

  • Have all Loaner Phones been cleared of memory?

  • Comments/Notes Regarding Inventory

Safe Examination

  • Were the cash safe & inventory safe doors closed and fully locked?

  • In review of the store surroundings are all security codes/passwords being kept confidential?

  • Are all forms of payment properly secured?

  • Have the deposits from the previous days been prepared?

  • Have all deposits been picked up based on the armored car service schedule? Mon, Wed, Fri. List the amount

  • Are the deposit slip, DTS slip and checks all in one side of the deposit bag, including the DTS slip bar code facing outward so that is may be scanned?

  • Are the keys to the lock boxes kept in the safe at all times during store hours?

  • Are the required "master keys" in a restricted part of the safe?

  • Are EXCESS SIM cards in the safe?

  • Are excess/not in use DEMO SIM cards, in the safe?

  • Is cash safe setup per Talk Mobile Standardization?

  • Comments/Notes Regarding Safe Examination

Customer Information / CPNI

  • Is the shredder/shred bin in working condition and/or not overfilled? If stores are using a daily CPNI trash bin, ensure it is emptied daily and has no contents at the beginning of the day.

  • Have all used SIMs & SIM card holders been disposed of properly (Destroyed/Shred Bin)? Look in backroom and all cabinets on the sales floor.

  • Is the daily paperwork secured in a locked file cabinet or locked inventory room after close of business?(paperwork must be behind two lock doors after business hours)

  • Is the store free of CPNI from sales floor, counters, trash cans, etc?

  • Is there a separate ID verification folder for each month with the required paperwork on file and no documents older than three complete months?

  • In the ID Verification folder:Have two employees verify the customer's ID and has all appropriate information been completed? Appropriate information includes: printing and signing their name with a date; including their dealer code, transaction number and BAN on each photocopy. - If two employees weren't working at the time of activation, was this identified on the paperwork? Are all ID copies in black and white? Make sure there's no color copies.

  • Is the ID Verification folder free of any military IDs?

  • Is the location free of any customer photo ID's? If location has a photo ID is there a date when it will be shred by?

  • Is store free from internal customer printouts in non-secured areas (RQ4 Lists, Follow Up Sheets, Sales Entry Receipts)

  • Have all required records been returned to Iron Mountain? (Keep 3 full months + Current Month) <br>Are they secured in inventory storage space at all times?

  • Comments/Notes Regarding Customer Information / CPNI


  • Do all exits have a clear unobstructed path with doors remaining unlocked from the interior and any additional security bars removed during business hours?

  • Is the Inventory storage locked and secured when not in use? (bike lock or additional security when required)

  • Are non public areas accessed only by employees and visitors with a bona fide business purpose?

  • Is current schedule posted in Viva and in the backroom?

  • Are employees all clocked in? (if not please list how many employees not clocked in)

  • Is the Back Room Clean and Organized?

  • Show Photo Evidence of Unclean or Cluttered Back Room

  • Is Cleanliness/Organization Controllable Given Current Resources and Facilities?

  • Explain What Elements are Needed to Be Compliant

Deposit Supplies

  • Is there a minimum of two unused store specific deposit books on hand?

  • Is there a 30 day supply of deposit bags on hand?


  • Is the Talk Mobile Emergency Contacts List and Integrity Line posted in the backroom?

  • Are current state/federal posters displayed? (For Self: Please enter date of federal poster (mm/yy) in Comment field below.)

  • Are all required business licenses visible to customers and up to date?

  • Comments/Notes Regarding the Back Room

Sales Floor

  • Is the door to back room closed at all times?

  • Is the current return policy posted one per each cash wrap station and in good condition? According to MyMerch guidelines.

  • Are all off-display demo handsets in a locked drawer, cabinet or otherwise secured?

  • When verifying the customer, are their government issued ID's being verified with the UV pen?

  • Have all SIM cards been removed from all off display demo devices?

  • Comments/Notes Regarding the Sales Floor

POD Station

  • Are cabinet and till keys being kept secure at all times?

  • Review each till to confirm that the lock boxes are being used per policy.

  • Are all the business phones programmed with the direct Retail Support Lines (RSL) phone number for care calls?

  • Are the Ingenico devices operational? (if device is not operational has a remedy ticket been filed? *TPRi - Have your DM been contacted?)

  • Are the UV pens available at each POD Station? One per counter.

Brand Standards

  • Is the Store Clean (Free of Clutter, Floor Swept/Mopped, Dusted, Windows Clean, and Fixtures Clean, Etc). Is the sales floor free from food or drinks?

  • Show Evidence of Unclean or Cluttered Store

  • Is store free of any collateral on the sales floor that is not shown in the merchandising guidelines?

  • Are there 8 or more devices with demo loops running? If not, please list how many devices had demo loop.

  • Are ALL demo devices charged and in working order? If not, please list number of devices not charged.

  • Are the Demo handsets positioned in the location according to the merchandising guidelines? Please take a picture of the incorrect setup.

  • Are all price cards current?

  • Does the collateral fit in all fixtures?

  • Does the store or kiosks front window banners match the directions found in current merchandising guidelines?

  • Is the store meeting the 90% compliance rate via MyMerch?

  • Are all Demo Phones showing Live Sim's?

  • Show Photo Evidence of Missing SIM Device(s)

  • Are the accessories positioned in the location according to the merchandising guidelines?

  • Are accessory pegs/shelves full (no empty spaces)?

  • Are the employees wearing their own nametags?

  • Are employees wearing only brand image approved attire?

  • Comments/Notes Regarding Brand Standards

Paperwork Review

  • Paperwork File to Review. Review 10 Days.

  • Packet Date:
  • Select date

  • Is the file available?

  • Deposit Paperwork - Is the correct deposit slip, bag tag in file? (Pink deposit slip, bank deposit bag tear off)

  • Deposit Paperwork - Was the business date on the deposit slip? (Business date is the date of the transactions)

  • Deposit Paperwork - Is the total amount on the deposit slip?

  • Deposit Paperwork - Does the deposit slip list the correct store number?

  • Deposit Paperwork - Does the deposit match the Daily Register Summary Listing (DRSL) page, if not are the till reports contained in the file with discrepancy noted by authorized employee?

  • Post Voids - Are post void receipts attached to the post void report?

  • Post Voids - Were all signatures captured on the post void and the reasons for post void identified?

  • Post Voids - Was the Re-Ring transaction on record and attached to EOD Post Void Report?

  • Price Overrides - Is the reason for price override reason listed for each transaction?

  • Price Overrides - Based on the override report are SIM card replacements and purchases being rung out through POS?

  • Returns - Are return/exchange transactions behind the Return Report?

  • Returns - Are the original or reprint of customer’s original receipt with the return transaction?

  • Returns - Are Returns for the originally purchased equipment?

  • Returns - Are returns being processed under the correct tender type?

  • Returns - If any devices were returned, are restocking fees being properly applied?

  • Cash Management - Is there the excel sheet printed for proof of counting the change fund in file?

  • Cash Management - If store has Tellermate, are both print receipts being signed by staff for till OPENING reports. If no Tellermate, are the reports being initialed by 2 people.

  • Cash Management - If store has Tellermate, are both print receipts being signed by staff for till CLOSING reports. If no Tellermate, are the reports being initialed by 2 people.

  • Cash Management - Are the till reports in balance (<$1)?

  • Cash Management - If the till has a variance, is the Daily Register Summary Listing (DRSL) initialed by two employees and did they provide an explanation for the variance?

  • Cash Management - Do all credit card POS receipts have signatures?

  • How many Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) transactions are listed on the end day of POS report? Review the packet for the same count of EIP agreements. Are all of them available and signed by the customer? (List the number of missing documents or signatures in the notes.)

  • Are all non e-signature captured transactions for credit card transactions signed and filed accordingly?

  • Are all non e-signature captured transactions for EIP/JOD agreementss signed and filed accordingly?

  • Are all non e-signature captured transactions for Trade-in agreements signed and filed accordingly?

  • Are all non e-signature captured transactions for terms and conditions service agreements signed and filed accordingly?

  • Are all front pages of the opening and closing POS reports AND the cover report in the daily paperwork packet initialed and dated by an authorized employee?

  • Comments/Notes Regarding Paperwork Reviewed

  • Did all EIP/JOD agreements have a customer photo ID copy on record? Date will need to match from Day of activation. List the amount of missing copies

  • Are pages being printed one per sheet or double sided only? no multiple pages per sheet.

  • Did any of the past days end with $0 in Cash Transactions?

  • Dates @ $0 in Cash Transactions

  • Date
  • Select date

  • Photo of Report Showing $0 Ending in Cash Transactions

  • Notes on Findings

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