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Are you taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on your piggery?


  • Are there posters on-site reminding staff to keep 1.5 meters apart?<br>This is about 2 adult arm-lengths.

  • Are there signs up outside enclosed spaces like lunchrooms, changerooms, and farm and maintenance offices displaying the maximum occupancy of these areas?<br>There should be a minimum space of 4m2 per person

  • Have you taken steps to reduce or remove close contact between staff?<br>This may include changing the way you manage and conduct activities like weaning, vaccinating, mating, heat detection, etc

  • Have start, break, and finish times been staggered or changed across staff teams to reduce the number of people in the workplace at any given time?

  • Have desks, chairs, and benches in communal and office spaces been removed or shifted to ensure there is appropriate space between them?<br>You may consider marking the floor to show where chairs should go, and marking sitting spaces on long benches.

  • Where close contact between staff members cannot be avoided, is it being recorded, and is it being kept to less than 15 minutes?


  • Have you got hand sanitiser, soap/handwash, paper towel, and other cleaning products (like detergent and disinfectant) available to staff?

  • Have you placed posters with instructions on how to properly wash/clean hands with soap and/or sanistiser?

  • Have staff been instructed to:<br>• Minimise touching their faces, eyes, and mouths<br>• Not shake hands with or hug other staff<br>• Cough and sneeze into their elbow<br>• Wash their hands frequently

  • Are staff wearing gloves and eye protection when handling and/or unpacking deliveries (semen, drugs, and other farm equipment)?

  • Is personal property belonging to staff (phones, sunglasses, etc) cleaned with disinfectant upon entry and exit?

  • Are areas, surfaces, and objects/equipment that are frequently used by staff cleaned daily (or more regularly) with detergent or disinfectant?<br>These include furniture and appliances like (tables, benches, chairs, light switches, door handles, fridges, kettles, toasters, microwaves, cutlery, crockery, keyboards, tablets, phones, etc.<br>These also include rails, gate/door handles, vaccine guns, pregtest probes, feed scoops, semen/drug fridges, etc

  • Are staff and/or any cleaning personnel wearing gloves and eye protection while cleaning, and are they washing/cleaning their hands before and after wearing gloves?

  • Do you have cleaning rosters and/or sign-off sheets in place to ensure staff is clear on their responsibilities and accountable for these tasks?

  • Are there plenty of rubbish bins with closed lids around?


  • Have staff been advised to stay home from work if they are feeling unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms?

  • Have you encouraged your staff to get a flu vaccine?<br>While the flu vaccine does not protect you from COVID-19, some of the symptoms of seasonal flu and COVID-19 are similar. Protecting yourself from the flu will minimise the confusion and alarm associated with a misdiagnosis.

  • Are you restricting visitor and contractor access to the site, or limiting visitor contact with staff if the visit is essential?

  • Do staff have access to information about COVID-19?<br>This may include posters with signs and symptoms of COVID-19, or the inclusion of a COVID-19 update in regular toolbox/staff meetings.

  • Have you got a designated person or people enforcing physical distancing, hygiene, and cleaning measures in the piggery and communal areas?


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