1 Base building

1.1 Is street number clearly visible ?

1.2 Appearance of building from street
External building photos
1.3 Ease of disability access
Access photo
1.4 Probability of asbestos

1.5 Are asbestos warning stickers visible?

2 Means of escape

2.1 Are evacuation routes clear of obstructions ?

2.2 is door hardware correct type? (Single lever style handle)

2.3 Are exit doors unlocked?

3. Evacuation diagrams

3.1 Are evacuation diagrams on display?

3.2 Are diagrams securely fastened and correctly orientated?

4. Exit signs and emergency lighting

4.1 Is there illuminated exit signage or emergency lighting installed?

4.2 Are non illuminated exit signs in place?

4.3 Can maintenance records be viewed? ( logbook)

4.4 Are exit signs/emergency lights functioning and undamaged?

Number of exit/emergency lights

5 First response fire fighting equipment
5.1 Types of fire fighting equipment installed

5.2 Is equipment unobstructed?

5.3 Has equipment been serviced in last 6 months?

5.4 Are tags visible? (Should have yellow metal tag)

6 Smoke alarms

6.1 Are smoke alarms installed?

Smoke alarm photo