1 Documentation and Administration

1.1 Priority reports from last inspection completed

1.2 SSOW (RA,RAMS) in place for work activities. Construction phase plan in place and up to date (if applicable)

1.3 Competent site manager appointed

1.4 Site inductions carried out

1.5 SLT minutes communicated/displayed

1.6 Statutory notices displayed ( HSE Law poster, policy ) F10 displayed (if applicable)

1.7 Permits to work issued and being controlled/ managed

1.8 Aspects & Impacts register in place

1.9 Asbestos register on site and displayed

1.10 Abstraction and discharge - Licence in place and are these being monitored/ controlled

1.11 other issues observed during inspection

2 Temporary works/ work at height

2.1 Ladders/stepladders and hop ups are in GWO

2.2 Scaffold/mobile towers erected correctly. Inspection ( carried out and up to date)

2.3 Roof/edge protection in place

2.4 is a competent temp work coord nominated

2.5 Are temp works designs available

2.6 other issues observed during inspection

3 Work equipment, PUWER & LOLER

3.1 Lift plan being followed and competent person on site ( if applicable)

3.2 Lifting equipment and pressure vessel appear in GWO and examination up to date.

3.3 Fixed wiring electrical in GWO, test certificate available and up to date

3.4 Portable tools & equipment in GWO and fit for purpose

3.5 Is appropriate guarding fitted and in GWO

3.6 Redundant plant ( fixed or mobile) managed

3.7 Other issues identified during inspection

4 Excavations

4.1 Are service drawing available and ground clearly marked

4.2 Excavations suitable shored/ supported. Deep excavations have design drawings/ information on site for shoring method

4.3 are suitable barriers/ edge protection in place and safe access/egress provided.

4.4 Are exposed service in good order and suitable supported

4.5 Other issues identified during inspections

5 Traffic management/ Street works

5.1 Traffic management plan In place ( if applicable) and up to date.

5.2 Site entrance not causing risk to the public

5.3 Pedestrian access/ egress suitable and segregated from vehicle/ plant movement

5.4 Road works/Chapter 8 to NRSW requirements being followed

5.5 Information boards/ permit No displayed

5.6 Spoil inside barriers/ run off controlled

5.7 Street works card held

5.8 other issues identified during inspection

6 Emergency Arrangments

6.1 Emergency plans/procedures in place and displayed. Fire escape routes clear from obstruction

6.2 First aid provision suitable and stocked. First aider notice displayed

6.3 Fire equipment/extinguishers in GWO. MaIntenance up to date

6.4 Other issues identified during inspection

7 Office/Site arrangements (including welfare)

7.1 Adequate welfare provision provided for numbers on site and in good order

7.2 Suitable means of heating/ preparing food - clean and in GWO

7.3 Are offices of adequate space and provided with good ventilation and lighting

7.4 Is housekeeping in good order throughout. No evidence of fly tipping on site

7.5 Any DSE issues

7.6 Buildings/ fixed assets appear in good order and no obvious signs of damage

7.7 If shelving/racking installed is it secure and appear in good order.

7.8 Do floors appear in good order and free from slips, trips

7.9 Other issues identified during inspection

8 Protection to/ from other ( including Environment)

8.1 Appropriate safety signage displayed

8.2 Hoarding/heras fencing in good order and secure

8.3 Fencing, gates and locks appear in good order. No signs of unauthorised access

8.4 Watercourses/ drainage plans marked and displayed. Are these suitable managed

8.5 Flora & Fauna - provision for biodiversity wildlife and habitats protected. Invasive species identified and managed

8.6 Environmental complaints - eg noise, dust, vibration

8.7 Other issues identified during inspection

9 Health, Manual Handling & PPE

9.1 Is appropriate PPE being worn and in good order

9.2 Are occupational health issues being controlled/ managed

9.3 Any Manual Handling Issues identified

9.4 Other issues identified during inspection

10 Hazardous Substenace

10.1 Hazardous substance being suitable stored including correct labelling.

10.2 Bunds in satisfactory condition. Drip trays if in use in good order

10.3 COSHH Assessments produced, available and up to date

10.4 Chemical/ fuel delivery areas in good order. Delivery procedure in place.

10.5 Are emergency showers/ eye wash in good order

10.6 Spill kit available and in good order. spill/emergency plan produced.

10.7 Other issues identified during inspection

11 Waste Management

11.1 Waste Management & duty of care documentation ip place and correct

11.2 Waste suitable stored, separated and labelled. Storage of materials as identified in SWMP

11.3 Are hazardous waste bins in place, correctly labeled and in an accessible location

11.4 Other issues identified during inspection

12 Other places of work and activities

12 Other places of work and activities


Other issues identified during inspection

SHE Priority report

Project/site/ dept

Select date

Present during inspection:

Priority Codes

P1 - Serious Imminent danger
P2 - Breach of legislation ACOP
P3 - Does not meet HSE or company policy or best practice
NA - Not applicable

Agreed Actions:

Priority Code:

Action owner

Agreed completion date:

Actions/ Recommendations

Report completed by:


Reported accepted by:


Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.