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  • * If issues cannot be immediately corrected, move item to tier board for escalation

Working at Heights

  • Do all tasks requiring working at a height greater than 4', use a platform ladder or some other form of fall arrest?

  • Are all Team Members who work at heights at greater than 4' (except ladders or platforms with handrails) trained in fall protection?

  • Are harness & lanyards inspected prior to use? Has the annual inspection tag been signed in the last year?

  • Is there a fall protection work plan for all instances where TMs are required to wear fall arrest or use fall prevention equipment?

Fall Protection

  • Are Team Members footwear in good condition with good traction?

  • Are aisle ways kept clear and free from water, oil, shot blast or other materials that may cause slips?

  • Are ladders in good working condition? Are load ratings visible and legible on ladders?

  • Are A frame ladders only used for non-standard tasks versus in normal production?

  • Are aisle ways kept free and clear of material, pallets and carts?


  • Floor Matting (trip prevention): Does floor matting have < 10mm ( 0.4") edge in order to reduce tripping hazard?

  • Anti Slip Protection: Is anti-slip protection used where there is risk of slipping on wet or contaminated surfaces? ie stairs ect.

  • Pallet Stops: Do items bolted to the floor create tripping hazard?

  • Surface: Are floors maintained in a dry, clean, non-slip condition free of dust, water, and oil? If risk exists then a rough non slip surface should be applied


  • Gradient: Are all ramps < 10ยบ?

  • Highlight: Are all ramps marked with hazard warning tape?

Level Changes

  • Process Steps: Are steps 200mm (7.8") high or 250mm ((9.8") for machinery access)? Are all steps in a set the same height?

  • Lighting: Is lighting adequate as stated; Production Areas >50 fc, Sub- assemby Areas/Inspection 100 fc, Offices 50 fc, Storage yards 20 fc (What is considered sub-assembly?)

  • Demarcation: Are height changes marked with "Hazard warning tape" or painted to highlight change in level?

Trap Hazard

  • Whole Body: Are there areas where a whole body could be trapped? Is the area > 500mm (19.68")? Is there guarding implemented?

  • Leg: Are there areas where a leg could be trapped? Is the area > 180mm (7.09")? Is there guarding implemented?

  • Foot: Are there areas where a leg could be trapped? Is the area > 120mm (4.72")? Is there guarding emplemented?

  • Hand: Are there areas where a hand could be trapped? Is the area > 100mm (3.93")? Is there guarding implemented?

  • Finger: Are there areas where a finger could be trapped? Is the area > 25mm (0.9")? Is there guarding implemented?

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