• Is JSA Complete?

  • Has Onsite Personnel Signed The JSA?

Required PPE

  • Hard Hat

  • Safety Glasses

  • Face Shield / Goggles

  • Hearing Protection

  • Gloves

  • ANSI 107 Class II or III Safety Vest

  • Foot Protection / Safety Toe

  • FRC Clothing

  • Dust Mask


  • Excavation Type:

  • Is the excavation less than 20' deep?

  • Documented Inspection by Competent Person

  • Benched or Sloped Properly = Class A -3/4:1 Class B -1:1 Class C-1 1/2:1

  • Access / Egress Within 25' Of Entrants?

  • Trench Box/Shoring Proper

  • Trench Box Certifications

  • Spoil Pile Minimum 2-Feet From Excavation

  • Signs, Signals & Barricades

  • One Call Valid

  • Utilities Identified

Material Handling

  • Body Mechanics

  • Position of People

  • Manual Lifting Devices (Come-a-Longs, Chain falls, etc…)

  • Safety Latch

  • Slings

  • Hooks & Shackles

  • Wire Rope

  • Lifting Chains

  • Load Secure, Rigged Properly

  • Tag Lines Used


  • Authorized/Qualified Operator

  • Designated Signal Person

  • Seatbelt Used

  • Daily/Weekly/Annual Inspection


  • Dunnage

  • Trash

  • Trash Receptacles

  • Crew Trucks/Trailers

Material Storage

  • Material Stored Properly

  • Flammable/Combustible Storage

  • Pipe Chocked


  • GFCI/Assured Grounding Program

  • Cords/Tools – Inspected

  • Cords Routed Properly

Hot Work

  • Permit

  • Permit Conditions Followed

  • Fire Watch


  • Grinder Condition

  • Guards/Handles

  • Leads/Hoses/Gauges

  • Bottle Storage

Fire Protection & Prevention

  • Fire Suppression Equipment

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection

  • Properly Rated/Size (BC versus ABC)

  • Combustible/Flammable Material Away from Hot Work

Traffic Control

  • Designated Flagger With Cones

  • Signs Posted per MUTCD

  • Escort Required/Used


  • Condition

  • Proper Type

  • Appropriate Location

  • Marking Hazards

Overhead Power Lines

  • Power Lines Marked with Goal Post and/or Signs

  • Designated Spotter


  • Signs, Signals & Barricades


  • Potential Energy Sources Identified

  • Isolated

  • Verified

  • Affected Personnel Informed


  • Restrooms & Potable Water Available

  • First Aid Kit

  • Confined Space

  • Fall Protection

Closing Comments

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