Daily Project Information

  • Is there a stretch -n- flex program in place and in practice

  • Has JHA been reveiwed and signed by the crew

  • Has a safety meeting been initiated

  • Adequate First Aid kit(s) and supplies available

  • Certified CPR / First Aid person on site

Hazardous Materials

  • Has the work area(s) been inspected for any and all hazards

  • Are there any weather conditions that will cause a hazard on the job

  • HazCom / SDS book onsite

  • Are there any hazardous chemicals are material in your work area

  • Containers are properly labeled

  • Protective equipment used on the job

Fall Protection

  • Has Safety Harnesses been inspected

  • Floor holes and exposed edges are protected from a fall

  • Lifelines inspected

  • Employees below protected from falling objects

  • Tie-off 100% when exposed to a fall of 6ft or greater

  • Guardrails and toeboards are in place and secure

Welding / Cutting

  • Flash arrestors installed on torch guages

  • Removed all combustible items from the work area

  • Hot Work permit available and posted.

  • Fire extinguishers readily available

Welding Machines

  • Welding lead has no cuts or splices within 10ft of electrode holder

  • Welding machines calibrated

  • No fluids leaking

  • Adequate amount of fire extinguishers available

Steel Erection

  • Is there a competent person on site

  • Has the crew attended Subpart R training

  • Has all the rigging been inspected

  • Is multiple lift rigging being performed.(christmastreeing)

  • Are members spaced at 7ft apart

  • Are tag lines and a whistle being utilized

Cranes / Boom Trucks

  • Is the crane / boom truck's annual inspection up to date

  • Operator is certified

  • Employees kept from under suspended loads

  • Swing radius barricades in place

Heavy Equipment / Forklifts

  • Has the equipment been inspected before use

  • Operator trained on equipment

  • Operator using forklift within specified guidelines

  • Operator wearing PPE and uses the seat belt

  • Does the horn work and backup alarms

  • Mirrors in good condition

Scissor Lift / Boom Lift / Fork Lift

  • Is operator trained

  • Operator tied off 100% in boomlift

  • Inspection has been performed prior to use

  • Horn and controls are functional

  • No leaks observed


  • Employees wearing gloves, safety vests, hard hats, safety glasses and sturdy boots

  • Ear plugs / dusk masks available

  • Additional PPE available

Power Tools / Electrical / Tools

  • Extension cords with bare wires or missing ground prongs taken out of service

  • Ground fault circuit interupters being used

  • Lock Out / Tag Out procedures in place when necessary

  • Power tools in good condition

  • Hand tools in good condition

  • Ladders in good condition

  • Employees trained prior to usage

Unsafe Acts Observed

  • List any and all unsafe acts that occurred and corrective action taken

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