Title Page

  • Customer

  • Site Address
  • Number range

  • Post Code

  • Tesseract / Call Number

  • Date of Inspection

  • Inspected by

Aerial Array

  • Location of Array

  • Photo of Array

  • Condition of aerial array?

  • Remedial action required?

  • Additional photos if required

  • Satellite Dish
  • Location of Dish

  • Photo of Dish

  • Condition of Satellite Dish

  • Remedial action required?

  • Photos if required

  • Condition of LNB

  • Remedial Action required?

  • Photos if required

  • Condition of metal work

Head End

  • System Earth bonded correctly?

  • Provide details

  • Location of Cabinet

  • Photos of Head End

  • Photos of Cabinet

  • System Type

  • System Manufacturer

  • Condition of Head End

  • Remedial Action required

  • Condition of Cabinet

  • CCTV Modulated on System?

  • List output channel

  • Photos if required

  • Has there been a Sky Q upgrade?

  • What switch is installed?

  • What condition is the upgrade?

  • Photos


  • Does the system have repeater cabinets

  • How many?

  • Location of each cabinet

  • Photo of each cabinet


  • Internal or External Cabling?

  • Quality and Condition of Cabling

  • Remedial Action required?

Virgin Media

  • Is Virgin Media installed?

  • Quality and Condition of Cabling

  • What remedial action is required?

  • Photo of Virgin Media

Landlord Power (Visual Inspection only)

  • Remote or Direct Main Power?

  • Safety Earth correct?

  • What remedial action?

  • Photos if required

  • Condition of electrical installation

  • Remedial action required

  • What remedial action?

  • Photos

Overall Condition / Performance of System

  • Is system installed as per drawings

  • Detail differences

  • Any additional comments

  • Any additional photos

Sign Off

  • Engineer Name

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