Previous Audit Report

  • Has the previous audit report been closed out?

  • Have all previous issues been cleared?


  • Are cables put overhead or managed in a way to prevent trip hazards.(good practice point)

  • Are the work areas free from dust.

  • Are tools and materials stored safely and securely.

  • Is there a drying room for any ground workers.

  • Is there soap and hand towels?

  • Is there hot and cold running water?

  • Is there drinking water available?

  • Are W/C facilities sufficient and clean

  • Is the First Aid box available and contents in date?


  • Are all Fire Exits clear and free from obstruction?

  • Are Fire points in place on site?

  • Do fire points contain fire extinguishers, push button sounders and fire plans?

  • Are highly flammable liquids (HFL's) being used and stored correctly?

  • Has the manager issuing Hot Works Permits attained Hot Works Certificate?

  • Is there a charging point for battery charging


  • Is plant being operated correctly

  • Is plant being stored correctly

  • Is a banksman being used with plant?

  • Is plant suitable for the task, maintained and inspected?


  • Are all work ares properly segregated to protect others outside the area?

  • Are all adequate signage displayed around site / hoardings?

  • Is there adequate signage displayed around segregated areas?

  • Are there mandatory hearing protection zones displayed around noisy activities?

  • Is there signage on Distribution Boards?

  • Is there a sign at reception or site entrance to inform other contractors to sign in? (good practice)

  • Is there a sign on the roof door to inform operatives they need a permit?


  • Are Hi-Viz being worn?

  • Are hard hats being worn?

  • Are gloves fit for purpose being worn?

  • Are steel toe cap foot wear being worn?

  • Are safety glasses being worn?

  • Is PPE / RPE defined by risk assessments being worn?

  • Is any OCC Health information available to operatives?

  • Are subcontractors submitting HAV registers to the site team?


  • Are there external or internal hoardings on site?

  • Is a design required and is it available

  • Are regular inspections carried out?

  • Are regular inspections carried out?

  • Is there a scaffold on site?


  • Is there adequate lighting in the compound?

  • Is there adequate lighting in all work areas?

  • Is there adequate lighting on roofs for carrying out works at night?

  • Is there adequate lighting in car parks for carrying out works at night?


  • Is working at height being carried out?

  • Are mobile scaffold towers erected correctly?

  • Are podiums fit for purpose?

  • Do step ladders conform to BSI standard class 1.

  • Has a step ladder permit been issued?

  • Are all MEWPS fully segregated to avoid others entering the work area?

  • Do they require a banksman ?

  • Are harnesses being used correctly on scaffolds, cherry pickers and articulated boom lifters?

  • Is there a rescue plan and are operative familiar with the procedure?


  • Are there roof works being carried out?

  • Has a permit been issued?


  • Are there segregated Skips / Bins / Bags on site?

  • Is the waste stored correctly?

  • Are there secured and purpose built CoSHH bins on site?

  • Are spill kits available?

  • Is there a wash down area for decorators brushes / rollers?


  • Are they Approved on Barnwood SAFEcontractor supplier list

  • Contractors checked


  • Is the F10 displayed

  • Are Barnwood insurances displayed?

  • Is there a Health and Safety at law act poster displayed?

  • Is there a Health & Safety policy available?

  • Is there a shared welfare certificate displayed if applicable?

  • Are there grab and go hospital directions available?

  • Are first aiders displayed?

  • Are site rules displayed?

  • Are client rules displayed?

  • Is there a contractors on site board displayed?

  • Is there a risk board?

  • Is it updated on a daily basis (good practice)

  • Is there a live permit board?


  • Is there a copy of the pre construction information in the folder?

  • Is the construction phase plan being updated on a regular basis?

  • Is there a notification of approval of the Construction Phase Plan?

  • Is there a copy of the asbestos survey report in the folder?

  • Is there a copy available for operatives to read at induction?

  • Are Barnwood company wide H&S Standards filed?

  • Are the client site rules / standard filed?

  • Has the Site Set Up & Equipment issue register been sent to the HSEQ department?

  • Is the site traffic plan up to date and file?

  • If shared welfare is in operation is there a Shared Welfare certificate signed and filed?

  • Is the Barnwood Accident procedure known and being used correctly?


  • Are all operatives signing in and out correctly?

  • Are all induction registration forms completed by site managers?

  • Are CSCS cards 100% compliant?

  • Is there evidence that copies of, asbestos awareness are collected at induction and retained in the folder?

  • Is there evidence that copies of SMSTS/SSSTS, are collected at induction and retained in the folder? (Good practice)

  • Have temporary workers ie labourers and temporary site managers been given a company induction and the information retained?

  • Have tools box talks been completed?


  • Has the site fire risk assessment been completed by the site manager?

  • Are site fire plans on display and updated as the job progresses?

  • Are site diaries up to date?

  • Are weekly fire inspections conducted?

  • Temporary electrical certificates eg site set up?

  • Evidence of PAT register (good practice)

  • Are weekly site inspections being carried out?


  • Are there Barnwood Risk Assessments on site and the acknowledgement sheet been signed by Barnwood personal?

  • Are there method statements and risk assessments for all contractors working on site?

  • Have all RAMS been reviewed correctly by Barnwood Contractors using Barnwood Method Statement or Risk Assessment review form?

  • Are they suitable and sufficient?

  • Have RAMS been signed by operatives using Acknowledgement sheet?

  • Is a CoSHH register on site?

  • Are there CoSSH assessments for the companies on site that need them?


  • Are permits being issued and controlled correctly?

  • Are they being signed off?

  • Has the temporary works register been completed and kept up to date?

  • Has the temporary works checklist been completed and kept updated?

  • Have permits to load / strike been used?


  • Is there a completed SWMP plan?

  • Has it been signed by the client?

  • Are all waste licences / insurances in place?

  • Are subcontractors removing waste from site?

  • Is there records of subcontractor waste carrier licences?

  • Is there waste transfer station licences and insurances for where the waste is taken to?

  • Are waste transfer notes being kept?

  • Is there evidence of noise monitoring records?



Audit Risk Level

  • Risk rating for this Audit.

Corrective Actions

Sign off

  • I confirm I have had the contents of this audit report explained to me.

  • Site Manager

  • Person conducting this Audit.

  • Audit concluded at:


  • All actions on this report have been completed on:

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