• Are alleyways clear & free from obstruction

  • Is the floor clear from obstructions

  • Is W.I.P. Kept to a minimum

  • Have all personal items been stored away from the work area

  • Are all work areas clean,tidy &free from assess dust


  • Are safety signs relevant & up too date

  • Is the evacuation procedure clearly displayed

  • Are all Risk Assessments suitable and up to date including DSE assessments were applicable.

  • Are Risk Assessments really available

  • Are there COSHH Assessments and safety data sheets.

  • Are fire routes clearly marked and free from obstruction.

  • Are Break - glass points clearly marked & free from obstruction.

  • Are extinguishers clearly marked and free from obstruction.

  • Are extinguishers suitable and within inspection period.

  • Are extinguishers colour code clearly displayed .


  • Are the floors in good condition.

  • Are demarcation line clearly marked out.

  • Is a reasonable working temperature maintained .

  • Is the area we'll lit.

  • Is the area well ventilated.


  • Is suitable P.P.E readily available .

  • Are all employees using the required PPE.

  • Are all employees using the required PPE.


  • Does the department have access to a trained first aiders.

  • Do the employees know who the first aiders are (ask 2 )

  • Is first aid equipment available ,suitable and maintained.


  • Is all access equipment in good condition and clearly marked with registration number (Scissor - lift, scaffolds etc.

  • Are all ladders step ladders in good condition &clearly marked with registration number.


  • Are all employees suitably trained in manual handling.

  • Have all tasks that require manual handling been properly assessed.


  • Are all hand tools suitable and in good repair.

  • Is all machinery suitably guarded.

  • Are all machine guards in good repair.

  • Are all machine guards regularly inspected.

  • Are all inspection records readily available .

  • Are all machine setters suitably trained.

  • Is all portable electrical equipment PAT tested and within inspection period.

  • are RCDs where fitted,within inspection period.

  • Are all electrical plug, sockets & cables in good order.


  • Is lifting equipment in working order

  • Is lifting equipment regularly inspected & colour coded (hoist,slings -shackles etc)

  • Is the SWL clearly displayed

  • Are all FLT / Pedestrian trucks daily check sheets up to date.

  • Are all FLT / Pedestrian trucks authorised and up to date

  • Do drivers sound their horns were appropriate...

  • Are battery chargers in good order and clear from obstruction.

  • Is the correct PPE available & in use within the charging area.(visor,apron,gloves.)

  • Is the racking & shelving in good order.

  • Is the SWL clearly displayed.

  • Are protective devises in place , safety clips, foot protectors, etc.


  • Are bins refuse containers provided & emptied regally.

  • Is any special waste identified & contained.

  • Are any barrels of contaminated waste, labeled & transfers to the bundled area.

  • Are suitable spillage kits available & properly maintained.

  • Is the spillage procedure clearly displayed.

  • Is the area free from spillage or pollution .

  • Do Employees know the difference between surface water & foul drains.

  • Are all lights switched off at the end of the shift.

  • Are all waste materials properly segregated.

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