Assessor and Trainee name

  • Assessor

  • Trainee photo

  • Trainee

  • Licence photo

  • Enter Date

Machine Details

  • Types of Trucks operated

  • Types of operation (ie bulk haulage, DG, spreading, maintenance metalling)

  • Add media

  • Gearbox types

  • Explain emergency shutdown procedures
    Include safety for other road users

Hazards around operating a truck / trailer and some controls

Prepare for operation

  • Correct licence

  • Log book filled out

  • Job instructions

Pre start inspection

  • Registration

  • COF

  • Road users

  • Service sticker

  • Fuel

  • Oil

  • Water

  • Hydraulic oil

  • Tyres, rims and nuts

  • Lights

  • Tailgate, hinges, trips, spreading chains

  • Deck clean

  • Windows, mirror positioning

  • Add media

Visual inspection of work site

  • Assessment of hazards

  • Hazard ID completed, controls in place

Driving truck

  • Awareness of all the controls

  • Smooth and steady

  • Positioning on the road

  • Awareness of surroundings, possible hazards

  • Climbing and descending hills

  • Gearbox synchro changes, up and down

  • Gearbox double clutch, up and down

  • Hoist controls

  • Working with a spotter or clear understanding of requirements

Tasks completed in a controlled precise manner

  • Backing straight and around corners

  • Backing, turning around

  • Backing trailer

  • Hooking and unhooking trailer (Look for a set process)

  • Positioning to load or be loaded

  • Communication with digger or loader driver

  • Load

  • Unloading

  • Tipping

  • Stockpiling

  • Spreading truck

  • Spreading trailer

  • Add media


  • 1: Loading, unloading of machines
    2: Loading, unloading on a flat deck using ramps
    3: Explain method of securing machine for transporting

  • Transporter

  • Flat deck

  • Transport trailer

  • Explain and demonstrate securing a load

  • Add media

Multi choice assessment questions

  • When driving a truck how many hours continuos work time are you allowed before a half hour break must be taken

  • When driving a truck what is the total amount of work time allowed in any 24 hr period

  • When driving a truck what is the minimum continuous rest break you must have in a cumulative work day

  • When should a pre start be conducted

  • When would you complete a CAR

  • How should you descend a hill fully loaded

  • Who is responsible for any traffic infringement

  • Where should a spotter be placed when reversing

  • What do you do when you lose sight of your spotter

  • Before moving after being away from your truck what should you do

Assessment result

  • Feedback

  • Slider assessment scale. Learner 1 to 3 full supervision at all times. Competent 3 to 5 limited supervision. (Fully licences for 6 months or more) Skilled 5 to 8 no supervision. ( Able to complete most tasks) Advanced 8 to 10 High skill level (able to complete all task safely and to the desired QA)

  • Trainee

  • Assessor

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