• Food business name

  • Proprietor/company

  • ABN

  • Vehicle registration number where applicable

  • Postal address

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Date and time of audit

  • Conducted at


  • Food business notified to the NSW Food Authority, if so what is business notification number

  • Food business registered with their local Council. If so provide details

  • All food handlers have adequate skills and knowledge to handle food safely

  • Food Safety Supervisor appointed to business, where applicable.

  • Copy of FSS available where required

  • Notes

  • Photographs if necessary

Source of food

  • Is all food prepared on site at event

  • If prepared off site where was food prepared

  • If other please provide details

  • Address/es where food prepared (if off site)


  • Food transport vehicle licenced by NSW Food Authority

  • Food transport vehicle is in a clean and hygienic condition?

  • Potentially hazardous foods (PHF) are transported under temperature control

  • No animals have access to food storage areas of vehicle ?

  • Photographs where necessary

Design and construction of stall/van/trailer

  • Food stall or van is fitted with a roof and is enclosed on three sides

  • Floor has been provided and is able to be effectively cleaned

  • Walls have been provided and are able to be effectively cleaned

  • A physical barrier i.e. sneeze guard is installed in front of all cooking, storage and preparation areas

  • Adequate storage space for all items

  • Potable water supplied to site

  • Suitable waste water storage facility provided

  • In date first aid kit provided

  • Electrical and gas services where provided are properly installed

  • If required is an in date fire extinguisher and/or fire blanket provided

  • Notes

  • Photographs where necessary

Protection of food

  • Food is stored a minimum of 150mm off the floor

  • Food is stored in food grade containers

  • Sufficient utensils available to avoid cross contamination

  • Disposable eating utensils, drinking straws etc are stored in dispensers and protected from contamination

  • Appropriately sized disposal gloves available

  • There are defined procedures for staff when handling food and money etc to ensure cross contamination avoided?

  • Food is protected from cross contamination during storage, preparation and display

  • Food tasting areas are fully supervised?

  • Food grade packaging provided

  • Separate storage facilities provided for chemicals and personal belongings

  • Food handlers wearing clean outer clothing

  • No evidence of smoking on site

  • Notes

  • Photographs where necessary

Washing facilities

  • Hand wash facilities are provided and located within the stall

  • Hand wash basin is supplied with warm running water, liquid soap and disposable paper towels

  • Additional hand sanitiser provided

  • Utensil/equipment washing facilities are provided and located within the stall

  • Utensil/equipment washing facilities are provided with warm water, detergent and commercial sanitizer

  • Notes

  • Photographs where necessary

Cleaning and Sanitising

  • Premises, equipment and food contact surfaces are in a clean and sanitary condition

  • Food grade sanitiser provided

Temperature control

  • Accurate digital probe thermometer or similar provided to stall ?

  • PHF are processed correctly i.e. Thawed, no contamination risk

  • Hot food stored at or above 60 degrees Celsius

  • Cold food stored at or below 5 degrees Celsius


  • Equipment in a good state of repair and working order

  • Suitable garbage and recycling receptacles are provided and arrangements made for frequent removal of garbage and recyclable materials

  • Food labelling complies with Food Standards Code

Inspection findings

  • Further Action

Information required to be provided to Council

  • If other please provide

Sign off

  • Owner/Employee name & signature

  • Authorised Officer

  • Authorised Officer signature

  • NB: This Assessment Report contains findings from date/time of inspection only

  • Contact details for Bega Valley Shire Council are
    Office address Zingel Place Bega,
    Postal address PO Box 492 Bega NSW 2550 ,
    Telephone 02 64992222 ,
    Facsimile 02 64992200 ,

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