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Means of Movement and People Circulation

  • Only authorized employees use traction and lifting equipment

  • Stackers circulate according the signed routes

  • The type of driving is appropriate to the task and site conditions

  • Corridors are clean and unobstructed

  • Pedestrians use the proper corridors and have attention at intersections and curves

  • Stackers or forklifts drivers use the horn in curves and intersections

  • The keys are not left in the ignition of the movement means when they are not being used

Tools and Equipments

  • The tools are correctly stored after use

  • Used blades are placed in specific storage

  • No use of improvised blades, only safety cutting knives are in use

  • No use of improvised tools

  • Compressed air hose is collected after use

  • The bench is clean and organized (ex: absence of personal belongings, tobacco)

  • Raw materials about of being used are not placed on the ground

  • All materials and equipments are at the defined area according to 5S rules

  • Compressed air is not used to clean clothes

  • There is no food or drink in work benches

PPE and Safety Systems/Procedures

  • The thermal gloves are used to work in hot areas

  • The anti-cut gloves are used to handle with blades

  • The mask and safety glasses are used during the cleaning activities

  • The tweezers are used to remove obstructed material

  • Stairs and platforms are used safely

  • The electric cabinet is closed and not blocked

  • The fire related equipments and the emergency exits are not blocked

  • When handling chemical products the worker use the PPE defined at MSDS

  • The safety guards are in place and interlocks are activated (no bridging contacts)

  • Lockout Tagout done during cleaning activities

  • The neck straps in use have emergency safety open

  • No use of mobile phone while performing tasks that can endanger their safety

  • The workers know the medical emergency number (25112) and the general emergency number (27999)

  • The workers know their meeting point

  • Long hair is protected

  • Watches, jewellery is not worned


  • Whenever there's manual lifting, right postures are observed

  • Use stepladder to access high locations (ex: Resy, Taurus, Tudor)


  • Waste are placed in appropriate containers

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