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  • 1.1 Is the condition of fences and gates acceptable.<br>Rotten posts/rails, latches, paint, cracked, broken or general deterioration

  • 1.2 Drains and gutters are clean and free of litter

  • 1.3 Are trees and branches trimmed away from the building

  • 1.4 Roof tiles and iron are in good condition

  • 1.5 Safety bollards are secured

  • 1.6 Does pest management contractor need to be engaged


  • 2.1 Inspected timber walls, doors, posts and windows for rotting

  • 2.2 Are bricks and rendered walls free of cracks and chips

  • 2.3 Is painting acceptable on exterior walls - flaking, cracked, chipped, scratched or graffiti

  • 2.4 Is painting acceptable on internal wall - flaking, cracked, chipped, scratched

  • 2.5 All windows and doors operate effectively

  • 2.6 Do all doors and windows lock


  • 3.1 Are floor surfaces even (no loose tiles, carpet, different heights in concrete slabs)

  • 3.2 Is carpet, lino, tiles and timber flooring is in good condition

  • 3.3 Are floor coverings free of stains, cuts or damage


  • 4.1 Are walkways and doorways clear obstruction

  • 4.2 Are boxes, extension cords and litter stored away

  • 4.3 Are stairs, steps and landings in good condition

  • 4.4 Handrails in good order

  • 4.5 Are non-slip treatments/tapes in good condition

  • 4.6 Are work stations and seating acceptable

  • 4.7 Shelves and storage areas are free of rubbish and clutter

  • 4.8 No sharp edges on furniture and fittings

  • 4.9 Appropriate barricades/restrictions in place for public protection

  • 4.10 Correct signage in place

  • 4.11 Is interior pest management significant, no signs of rodents, cockroaches, ants and flies.


5/ Essential Safety Measures

  • 5.1 Portable fire extinguishers are accessible, serviced and not damaged

  • 5.2 Fire hydrants are accessible, serviced and not damaged

  • 5.3 Fire hose reels are accessible, serviced and not damaged

  • 5.4 Automatic fire detection and alam system serviced and accessible

  • 5.5 Paths of travel to exits are operational and efficient

  • 5.6 Fire-isolated passageways, ramps and stairs are unobstructed and no unauthorised alterations

  • 5.7 Are fire doors unobstructed and is maintained in it's operational condition

  • 5.8 Exit signs illuminated at all times

  • 5.9 Emergency lighting inspection and test

  • 5.10 Inspection of fire walls to see any unauthorised penetration or damage

  • 5.11 Do all additional building materials, assemblies, linings been installed conform to the fire hazard indices standards

  • 5.12 Are emergency evacuation plans clearly displayed


6/ Plant and Equipment

  • 6.1 Are machine guards and safety switches in place

  • 6.2 Are emergency stop buttons clearly visible and operational

  • 6.3 Are daily checks and damage recorded by employees

  • 6.4 Are maintenance records kept with machines and up to date

  • 6.5 Are plant and equipment manuals accessible

  • 6.6 Are all safety decals easily identified and positioned appropriately

  • 6.7 Are safety rails, hand grabs and steps maintained



  • 7.1 All interior light fittings operational

  • 7.2 All light switches in good operational condition

  • 7.3 Power points are operational and not "over loaded"

  • 7.4 Are all electrical equipment maintained in a safe operating condition

  • 7.5 Are test and tags current on all portable electrical equipment

  • 7.6 Power boards are not overloaded

  • 7.7 No cable trip hazards


  • 8.1 No leaks or cracks detected on taps, sinks, toilets, showers and bath tubs

  • 8.2 Inspected tiles and splash backs

  • 8.3 Any damp spots around wet areas, drains free of litter


  • 9.1 Are all hazardous substances stored appropriately

  • 9.2 Are all hazardous substances clearly labeled

  • 9.3 Are MSDS available and up to date

  • 9.4 Are gas and oxygen bottles stored correctly


  • Any further comments or requirements

Sign off

  • INSPECTOR: I clarify that the testing and inspections of the facility has been carried out in accordance with the task listed in this document.

  • WITNESS: I can confirm the inspection has been competed outlined in the document.

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