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  • Benx Safety Tour

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Client / Site


  • Have corrective actions from the previous Safety Tour been completed?

  • F10 displayed on site and details correct?

  • Health & Safety Policy on display?

  • In date EL / PL insurance policy on display?

  • Construction phase on site - signed, relevant to the project and being developed?

  • Site Managers Weekly Inspection Report has been completed?

  • Toolbox Talks completed on a minimum monthly basis?

  • Accident / Incident procedures are being displayed?

  • Property surveys of flue types and positioning of vents available for all properties?

  • SERS - Benx Gas / EWI risk assessment and guidance has been communicated and implemented on site?


  • Is the work area clean and tidy ?

  • Are the floors clean and dry and in good condition ?

  • Are pedestrian and vehicular traffic routes free from obstruction ?

  • Are traffic routes, delivery areas and holding areas clearly marked ?

  • Are guard rails or covers in place for pits, tanks, drains etc ?

  • Is waste properly segregated, containers emptied regularly, and waste not allowed to accumulate ?

  • Are tools and equipment stored appropriately ?

  • Is the area free from trip hazards in and around the working area ?


  • Are there sufficient guards, railings around stairs, ladders and platforms, are they in good condition ?

  • Is working at height equipment stable and in good condition ?

  • Are benches and work surfaces safe and in good condition ?

  • Is the building structure sound and in good condition ?

  • Are work areas well illuminated ?

  • Are all of the work areas sufficiently well ventilated ?

  • Are the noise levels acceptable ?

  • Fencing in place where required and in a good, secure condition.

  • Security arrangements are adequate, boundary / fencing is secure?

  • Mobile Plant users licenses are valid?

Scaffolding & Working at Height

  • Scaffold built in accordance with BS/EN128 11 TGO20 15 and Company Standards?

  • Scaffold inspections completed?

  • Scaffold hand over inspections completed and available?

  • Work at Height is being carried out safety?

  • Other access equipment is suitable, safe for use and being used correctly.

Contractors / Sub-Contractors

  • RAMS are suitable and sufficient, communicated and signed for?

  • Induction Training records checked and available?

  • Contractors have been approved by Central EHS Department?

  • Operatives are CPCS qualified?

  • Demolition work is planned and carried out by trained personnel?


  • Are electrical tools, plugs and cables in good condition ?

  • Is all of the electrical equipment tagged with plant number electrical test in date ?

  • Are electrical control panels locked and marked to conform to IP2X standard ?

  • Are the positions of emergency isolations clearly marked and accessible ?

  • Are cables and hoses away from where they may be damaged ?

  • Can you confirm that extension cables are not being overloaded ?

  • Temporary electrical supplies to site cabins has in date test certificate and the cabin is earthed?

  • Electrical work carried out by Part P and 17th Edition Electricians?

  • Overhead Cables are adequately protected where required?


  • Gas work on site is carried out by qualified Gas Safe Engineers

  • CP12 certification has been provided to Site Manager by the Gas Safe Engineer?

Tools & Equipment

  • Are machinery guards in place, in good condition and fully functional ?

  • Are hand tools in suitable and good condition ?

  • Are Pre-Start checks carried out prior to start up of plant or machinery ?

  • HAVS trigger times have been assessed and communicated to employees?

  • Tools and Equipment permitted for use on site is registered and checked regularly?

  • Compressed gas equipment in good condition?

Fire Protection

  • Are Fire Extinguishers conspicuously marked, present and correctly mounted ?

  • Are Fire Extinguishers fully charged and inspected ?

  • Are exits unlocked during normal working hours ?

  • Are all exits, call points and extinguishers free from obstruction ?

  • Are exits and routes clearly marked ?

  • Are flammable materials stored and labelled properly ?

  • Are all employees aware of the evacuation procedures?

  • Hot Work Permit in operation?

  • Fire Risk Assessment / Fire Plan available and adequate?

First Aid Provision

  • Are adequate First Aid supplies available and easily accessible ?

  • Are eye wash stations / bottles clean, within date & properly labelled ?

  • Are First Aiders identified and able to be quickly contacted ?

  • Are First Aid kits / boxes adequately stocked?

  • Is there evidence that accident and near miss reports are being generated?

Welfare Facilities

  • Clean welfare facilities available?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Do signs indicate what PPE should be used ?

  • Is such PPE readily available in the workplace ?

  • Is the PPE, clean well maintained and fit for purpose ?

  • Is appropriate storage available for PPE ?

  • Is the appropriate PPE being used ?

  • If safety showers are provided are they in good condition and tested on a regular basis?

Lifting Equipment

  • Are FLT inspection records current ?

  • Is mobile equipment stored correctly when not in use ?

  • Is all lifting equipment stored correctly when not in use ?

  • Are crane control pendants in good condition, with controls clearly marked ?

  • Do limit switches and emergency stops function correctly ?

  • Are Safe Working Loads, (SWL), clearly marked ?

  • LOLER test certificates are up to date and available?

  • Storage racking secured, SWL marked and regular inspections completed?

Hazardous Substances

  • Is there suitable localised ventilation of dust, vapours and fumes where required ?

  • Are all containers appropriately stored and clearly labelled ?

  • Are there adequate arrangements for spill containment ?

  • Are spill kits available and tag intact ?

  • Are gas cylinders appropriately stored and secured ?

  • Are COSHH assessments readily available ?

  • Legionnaires - Water systems are being monitored / treated as required?

  • Asbestos risks have been identified and assessed and Safe Systems of Work are in place.

  • Health Surveillance is provided where required?

Safety Signs & Information

  • Are all safety signs clear, unambiguous, and in good condition ?

  • Are all notice boards up to date with relevant safety information ?

  • EHS Development Group Meetings are being held at regular intervals?


  • Are lights in working order

  • Is lighting appropriate for the area

  • Is all machinery that is in operation required to be running, e.g. Conveyors, Motors etc.

  • Is the compressed air system leak free. If you can hear any leaks please record the location as accurately as possible

  • Are all employee facilities being used appropriately and are those that are not in use switched off

  • Are all other items being used appropriately


  • DSE assessments have been completed?

  • Reverse parking in force?

Additional Hazards & Unsafe Acts

  • Can you confirm there were no additional hazards or unsafe acts observed during the inspection

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