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Atmospheric Emissions

1. Atmospheric Emissions

  • Are dust levels controlled by good housekeeping

  • LEV systems switched on and working effectively

  • Vehicles operating cleanly (no excessive smoke / oil or hydraulic leaks)

  • Any visible dust emissions from silo's (observe a delivery if possible)

  • Silo high level alarms working (press button to test)

  • Are delivery procedures displayed (maximum blow down pressures)

  • Are the delivery pipes locked off when not in use

  • Are all deliveries being recorded

Discharge to Water


  • Interceptors cleaned and working effectively

  • Drains colour coded (Red - Foul / Blue - Surface Water)

  • Drains, stream, canal free from debris

Storage of Liquids

Storage of Bulk Liquids

  • Is the bulk liquid bunded

  • Is the bund in good condition (leaks / damage)

  • Pipe work within the bund and in good condition

  • Bund free from debris and vegetation

  • Low level of rainwater within the bund

  • Do all tanks have a sight glass or dial to measure the volume

  • Are inlet pipes locked when not in use

  • Is there a spill kit in the area

  • Spill kit easily accessed and identified

  • Spill kit maintained and complete

Storage of Drums and Small Containers

  • Drums / Containers bundled if stored externally (internally as well where possible)

  • Bunds in good condition / low rain water levels

  • Drums and containers stored in designated areas

  • Drums and containers labelled and lids on

  • Spill kit in the area

  • Spill kit identified, accessible and maintained

Storage of Solids

Storage of Solids

  • Materials in a designated area and within the confines of the area

  • Packaging clearly labeled as to contents and in good condition

  • Bagged solids stored internally

  • Is dust controlled (housekeeping / road sweeper etc)

  • Is stock being rotated (using oldest first)

Storage of Waste

Solid Waste

  • Is Waste being segregated correctly

  • Are skips labelled correctly

  • Are skips overfilled

  • Skips in good condition (no holes)

  • Skips / bins easily accessible and in the correct location

Liquid Waste

Liquid Waste

  • Is liquid waste stored in suitable containers (lids on and labelled)

  • Liquid waste bunded if outside (inside as well where possible)

  • Stored in designated areas

  • Is there a spill kit available nearby

  • Is the spill kit accessible, easily identified and complete

Energy and Water

Use of Energy

  • Lights switched off when not required

  • Equipment turned off if not required (LEV's / conveyors / space heaters / compressors / air)

  • Any noticeable air leaks

  • Any water leaks



  • Are noise levels acceptable

  • Is housekeeping satisfactory

  • Any abnormal fumes / odours evident

  • Are external roadways clean / swept on a regular basis

  • Is a Site Emergency Plan available nearby

  • Is an up to date copy of the MEL Environmental Policy displayed in the area

Land and Perimeter

  • Is the perimeter free from litter (check perimeter fencing)

  • Is perimeter fencing secure and in good condition

  • Is access to site controlled

  • If controls are in place to safeguard 'protected species' (newts / bats / badgers) are they being maintained

  • Are public rights of way being maintained

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