Attendance Log

  • Have you shown symptoms of Corona Virus?

  • Inform the office immediately and go home to self isolate, check NHS for guidelines

  • Is anyone in your household showing symptoms of Corona Virus?

  • Inform the office immediately and go home to self isolate, check NHS for guidelines

  • Are you wearing a Face Mask when entering the premises of the customer, i.e to gain access to the rear gardens

  • Wear face coverings Use disinfectant products to clean the main areas of touch points if required

  • Have you kept at least 2 meters away from Customers

  • Remind customer of the importance of social distances

  • Are you and the team using the disinfectant products in the vehicles for wiping down the frequently touched items such as tools, handles and areas to the van

  • Please use all the products made available and ask your manager to replenish stock when low

  • Are you maintaining a working distance of 2m when on site unless quickly passing each other?

  • Ensure that these controls are in place

Berkeley Grounds Maintenance Visit Record

  • Have you attended Site as per schedule

  • NO ACCESS: Immediately Inform your Line Manager

  • Type reason for not attending

  • Have you attended to the Grass

  • Please let us know why grass was not cut

  • Take Photo of the Grass

  • Take Photo of the Grass

Shrub Bed and Border Maintenance to Include Weeding, Pruning and Tidiness *Shrubs should not be overgrowing onto footpaths, grassed areas and parking or seating areas.

  • Shrubs Attended

  • Please let us know why the shrub and borders were not attended

  • Take Photo of Shrub Beds.

  • Take Photo of Shrubs Beds meet the Specification

Hedge Cutting and Maintenance Hedges should be neat in appearance each visit. Weed and litter on each occasion. There should be no hedges that have overgrown footpaths, grassed areas and parking or seating areas.

  • Hedges Attended

  • Take Photo of the Hedges to the Specification

  • Take a photo of the completed works

  • Please let us know why the hedges were not attended

Weed Control including Hard Surfaces. Generally free from weeds, but any weeds that are evident are not substantial, and will be dealt with as part of seasonal maintenance.

  • Weed Control of Hard Surfaces Attended

  • Take photo of Weed and Pest Control including all Hard Surfaces and Building Bases

  • NB If Chemical Application was used, ensure Spray Log has been completed in accordance to the latest Statutory Regulations

  • Please let us know why the hard surfaces were not attended

  • Please take photo where the hard surfaces meets with the specifications

Leaf Clearance to all Green Spaces, including Shrub beds and Lawn Areas

  • Leaf Clearance Attended

  • Take photo of Leaf Clearance Complete

  • Please let us know why the leaf clearance was not completed

  • Take Photos of Leaf Clearance where it meets the Specification

Site Improvements

  • Any dead or diseased planting

  • Please identify and note the location and species

  • Take photos of the areas required

  • Any Mulch required

  • Please note location and quantity required.

  • Please take Photo

  • Is Watering required

  • Please give location (Auto Added)
  • Time Spent

  • Report and Bulk waste and excessive litter

  • Take photo of issue

  • Take Photo of items

Customer Feedback and Reccomendations

  • Any Customer Feedback and Recommendations for the site?

  • Suggest planting, species, numbers and take photos

  • Take photos of the areas required

  • Please note any comments or follow up items from the visit

  • Photo of the area

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