• Client / Site

  • Tenant

  • Property

  • Location
  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

  • Any tenant contacts / personnel?

Health & Safety

  • Asbestos Survey

  • Asbestos Management Plan

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • H&S Risk Assessment

  • Risk Assessments considered satisfactory?

  • Periodic fixed wire test certificate (5 yr)

  • Air conditioning Inspection certificate (if applicable)

  • Is there air conditioning?

  • Is the refrigerant R22?

  • Please specify other refrigerant if known. (Usually noted on external condenser)

  • Any other H&S comments

  • Fire extinguisher date of last test

  • Note below (or add photo) of any issues with extinguishers (eg. Not serviced, not mounted on wall, wrong type etc)

  • Extinguisher issues:

General Information

  • Identify where the water stop cock is

  • Add media

  • Is the property occupied?

  • If vacant, doe the property comply with insurers requirements?

  • Electricity meter serial no. and reading

  • Gas meter serial no. and reading

  • Water meter serial no. and reading

  • Are all the tenants trading?

  • Do uses comply with the lease?

  • Have any tenant alterations been carried out of which you are not aware?

  • Add a photo or any comments on alterations you were not aware of

  • Alterations comments:

Condition - repair & redecoration


  • Internal tenant areas (add comments):

  • Add photos of tenant areas:

  • Landlords common areas (if applicable):

  • Add photos of L/L common areas:


  • Roof(s):

  • External walls:

  • Windows / doors:

  • Gutters / downpipes:

  • External paved surfaces / landscaping:

  • General external decorative condition

  • Add photo(s) of external areas:


  • Are there any vacant units in the vicinity?

  • Which units and where?

  • Take photo of an agent board on vacant units

  • Record in brief any on site discussions:

  • Record any useful contact information, tel nos, key holders etc:

  • Action to be taken on return to office:

  • Signature of managing agent:

  • Signature of tenant contact to confirm attendance (if applicable)

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