Supplier Detail

Supplier Contacts

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  • Name

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Products Manufactured

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  • Are visitors welcomed and given information about plant layout, workforce, customers and products?

  • Are ratings for customer satisfaction and product quality displayed?

  • Is the facility observed to be safe, clean, orderly and well lit?

  • Are there any concerns regarding air quality?

  • Please describe the concerns?

  • Are the noise levels low or if not, the appropriate PPE being utilized?

  • Is the facility observed as an environment of high quality as evidenced by good 5S and material handling practices?

  • Is there a visual control strategy implemented and visual replenishment systems used where appropriate?

  • Are employees trained, empowered and involved in problem solving and continuous improvement activities?

  • Are suppliers regularly measured for quality, delivery and cost performance?

  • Is this information displayed?

Process Quality

Process Quality

  • Has the supplier identified who will be the quality liaison with Carrier?

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  • Email

  • Has the supplier's quality system been reviewed and certified per UTC Q+, ISO9000, ISO/TS 16949, or AS9100?

  • Please enter expected date for quality system to be verified.

  • Are standard operator instructions available in all work areas?

  • Are these instructions in agreement with the control plan?

  • Do inspection instructions include:

  • Test frequencies?

  • Sample sizes?

  • Reaction plans?

  • Documentations?

  • Are visual aids:

  • Easily understood?

  • Available and accessible?

  • Dated and approved?

  • Has the supplier identified the product/process KCs and KPCs?

  • Is there a procedure to implement, maintain, and establish reaction plans for SPC charts?

  • Is there an effective root cause - corrective action system in place?

  • Have provisions been made to place the latest drawings and specifications at the point of inspection?

  • Are forms / logs available for appropriate personnel to record inspection results?

  • Have provisions been made to place the following at the monitored operation?

  • Inspection gauges?

  • Reference samples?

  • Inspection logs?

  • Have provisions been made to certify and routinely calibrate gauges and test equipment?

  • Is there a procedure for controlling incoming products that identifies:

  • Characteristics to be inspected?

  • Frequency of inspection?

  • Sample size?

  • Designated location for approved product?

  • Disposition of non-conforming product?

  • Is there a procedure to identify, segregate and control nonconforming products to prevent shipment?

  • Are rework/repair procedures available?

  • Is there a procedure to requalify repaired/reworked material?

  • Is there an appropriate lot traceability system?

  • Are periodic audits of outgoing products planned and implemented?

  • What is the frequency of these audits?

  • What do these audits consist of?

  • Are periodic surveys of the quality system planned and implemented?

  • Has Carrier approved the packaging specification?

Process FMEA

Process FMEA

  • Has a FMEA for the manufacture of the Carrier part(s) been developed?

  • To what level has the FMEA been developed?

  • Have all identified operations affecting form, fit, function, durability, and safety been identified and listed sequentially?

  • Were similar part FMEAs considered?

  • Have appropriate corrective actions been planned or taken for high Risk Priority Numbers (RPNs)?

  • Were RPNs revised when corrective actions were completed?

  • Were high severity numbers revised when a design change was completed?

  • Do the effects consider the customer in terms of the subsequent operation, assembly, and product?

  • Was warranty information used as an aid in developing the Process FMEA?

  • Were customer plant problems used as an aid in developing the Process FMEA?

  • Have the causes been described in terms of something that can be fixed or controlled?

  • Where detection is the major factor, have provisions been made to control the cause prior to the next operation?

Control Plan

Control Plan

  • Has a control plan for the manufacture of the Carrier part(s) been developed?

  • Person responsible?

  • Date

  • Is the assistance of Carrier's quality or engineering group needed to develop or concur with control plan?

  • Have all known customer concerns been identified to facilitate the selection of the special product/process characteristics?

  • Are all critical product/process characteristics (KPC, KC, Supplier KPI) included in the control plan?

  • Are gage r&r studies performed regularly on key characteristics and do the show acceptable levels (less than 20% tolerance)?

  • Gage R&R

  • Gage
  • Characteristic

  • Person responsible

  • Expected date of completion

  • Have process capability studies been performed for all critical characteristics and are Cpk>1.33?*

  • Were FMEAs used to prepare the control plan?

  • Are material specifications requiring inspection identified?

  • Does the control plan address incoming (material/ components) through processing/assembly including packaging?

  • Are engineering performance testing requirements identified?

  • Are gauges and test equipment available as required by the control plan?

  • Are gauge methods compatible between the supplier and customer?

Supplier Performance Metrics

Supplier Performance Metrics

  • Does the supplier track performance metrics?

  • Supplier PPM?

  • What is the current goal?

  • What is the current performance level?

  • First Pass Yield?

  • What is the current goal?

  • What is the current performance level?

  • Reject Rate at the Customer?

  • What is the current goal?

  • What is the current performance level?

  • Warranty / Field Failure Rate?

  • What is the current goal?

  • What is the current performance level?

  • Internal Scrap Rate?

  • What is the current goal?

  • What is the current performance level?

  • Cost of Poor Quality?

  • What is the current goal?

  • What is the current performance level?

  • Other?

  • What is the current goal?

  • What is the current performance level?

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