Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Executive Summary

  • Mitigation measures for General Management

  • Control Measures for Vibration

  • Control Measures for Airblast

  • Control measures for fly rock

  • Control measures for misfires

  • Additional Management Measures

Table of Contents

Project Description



Objectives of the Blast Management Plan

Statutory Requirements

  • Development Consent

  • Environmental Protection Licence

BHP Requirements

Stakeholder Consultation

Preparation of the Blast Management Plan

Baseline Data

  • Assessment of the Environmental Aspects

  • Blast Monitoring Data

  • Blast sensitive Receiver Locations


Blast Criteria

  • Privately Owned Residences

  • Historical Heritage Structures

  • Infrastructure

Revision of Blasting Criteria


Operational Controls

  • Blast Timing and Frequency

  • Blast Management and Control Measures

Blast Consultation and Notification

  • Road Closure

  • Cumulative Blasting Impact Management

Management of Blast Impacts for particular stakeholders?

  • Poitrel

  • Moorvale South

  • RMI

Community Pre-Blast Notification

  • Any particular requirements for stakeholders?

Historic Heritage Items

Structural Property Inspections and Investigations

Other Heritage Sites

Blast Monitoring Program

  • Meteorological Monitoring

  • Blast Monitoring Locations

  • Monitoring Methodology

  • Data Collection

  • Blast Fume Monitoring Trial

  • Evaluation of Impacts and Performance

  • Corrective Actions

  • Change Management

Adaptive Management

  • Contingency Plan to Manage Unpredicted Impacts

  • Continuous Improvement

Complaint and Incident Management

  • Community Enquiries and Complaints

  • Incident Review and Reporting

Review and Improvement

  • Plan Review

  • Audits

  • Training


  • Annual Review

  • EPL Reporting

Document Information

  • Related Documetns

  • Reference Information

  • Change Information



  • Blast Fume Management Strategy

  • Road Closure Management Plan

  • Correspondence Regarding blast management plan

  • Approval letter from department

  • Minimum Requirements of blast Pack

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