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Before Operations

  • Pre-use inspection discussed and candidate understands or can already complete?

  • PPE discussed and worn properly?

  • Candidated can read and understand ID plate?

  • Does operator know the load capacity?

Getting on and off the forklift

  • Operator uses 3 point contact when getting on and off the forklift?

  • Forks are lowered and placed on the floor when leaving the forklift?

  • Parking brake is always set before leaving forklift?

  • Forklift is switched off and key is maintained in the specified place when ending operations?

Forklift Operations

  • Forklift path is checked for any personnel or obstacles before proceeding on the forklift?

  • Quick starts or quick stops are not performed?

  • Specified speed limit is followed? (6mph or less)

  • Material has been checked for any damages and unstable stacks?

  • Loads on the pallet are transported after confirming that the load is stacked safely and in stable condition?

  • Forklift is paused and position of the forks is confirmed before inserting forks?

  • Forks are positioned in the pallet properly?

  • Loads are lowered correctly?

  • Forklift is not driven with loads higher than 2 to 4 inches from the surface?

  • The forklift mast is tilted back to maintain loads during operations?

  • The operator drives in reverse when the view is obstructed?

  • Operator stops and sounds horn at intersection?

Loading and Unloading

  • All dock constraints are discussed if applicable and candidate understands how to use during the loading / unloading process?

  • General Comments and/or follow ups that may be needed for consideration of employement

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