• Any noncompliance requires immediate notification of your supervisor

General Setup

  • 1. Is a Project Book or Project clip boards with all required froms available at the work site?


  • 2. Are Work Instructions available at the site and adequate?

  • 3. Are the Work Instructions approved by the customer?

  • 4. Are the associates trained to the Work Instructions and is the acknowledgement sheet signed, dated, and verified?

  • 5. Are associates following the Work Instructions?

  • 6. Are Tally Sheets, Rework and/or Scrap tracking forms completed properly and legible?

  • 7. Are the associates able to "keep up" with the pace without missing any inspection points?

  • 8. Is BSCS the last to handle the parts?

  • List names of Associates Audited

Tools, Gauges

  • 9. Are there any tools required to complete the job and are they available and being used?

  • 10. Are there any gauges required and are they available, being use properly, and within question?

  • 11. Are Quality Standards/Boundary Samples available that show accepted/rejected conditions? (parts, photographs, diagrams)

Product Identification

  • 12. Are the correct parts in the correct container with the correct label?

  • 13. Are witness marks being applied to the part?

  • 14. Are witness marks applied after the inspection is complete? Are they in the right color and location?

  • 15. Are the green stickers applied properly per BSCS and inspection Work Instructions?

Work Area

  • 16. Are there designated areas for accepted and in-process parts and are nonconforming parts tagged with a reject tag?

  • 17. Does the quantity of nonconforming parts on the tally sheets match that on the segregated nonconforming parts are?

  • 18. Is the work are organized and neat? 5-S?

  • 19. Are BSCS associates in appropriate attite (uniforms, PPE/Safety)

  • 20. Is the work area meeting requirements per BSCS and the site?

  • 21. Is the lighting sufficient to see defect?

  • 22. Are shift communication processes working properly (shift passdown logs, communication boards, etc.) ?


  • 23. Are ALL project related documents (i.e. Work Instructions & Forms) current and in agreement with the current Document Master List & Forms Master List for Revisions and Dates?

  • 24. Are temporary work instructions in use easy to read, legible, signed or initialed, and dated by the proper Bluegrass authority, and less than 90 days old ?

  • 25. Are Chronological Logs available and in use?

  • 26. Do chronological Logs contain pertinent information (customer special requests, part issues, at risk situations, etc.) ?

  • 27. Are all documents legible and easy to read? No white-out or scratch outs? Any "red line" corrections on any document must have initials and date less than 30 days old?

Site Specific Checks

  • Area for to be used for special site specific checks

Sign Off

  • Auditor's Name & Signature

  • Customer's Name & Signature

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