Immediate Action Items

  • Is there any immediately dangerous to life or health condition in the shop - must work be stopped to prevent an incident?

  • Is there a program in this shop which needs implementation support?

Record Keeping & Information

  • Equipment logs being maintained and turned in appropriately?

  • Shop records are up to date including confined space, incident documentation, etc.?

  • Shop safety reference materials posted or available?

Fire Protection

  • Are all exits clear for emergency egress?

  • Are muster points and egress routes posted or well known by the shop employees?

  • Are fire extinguishers in place and inspected?

  • Are fire markings correct including column painting and exits and not exit markings?

Housekeeping & Workspace Organization

  • Are walkways clear and free of trip hazards?

  • Are tools being maintained appropriately?

  • Are materials positioned to eliminate excessive intersections or dangerous body positions?

LOTO & Machine Guarding

  • Is there any equipment which is in a LOTO condition?

  • Do the LOTO conditions meet BMP guidelines?

  • Is there any equipment which needs to be in an LOTO condition, is there any equipment which needs removed from service?

  • Are all moving parts on machines guarded?

  • Are exposed parts adequately insulated?

  • Do any permanent objects need guarded, protected, or marked to prevent incidents?

Material Handling

  • Are all cranes functioning properly?

  • All shop forklifts, skid steer, or other powered vehicles operating correctly?

  • Are conveyance systems functioning correctly?

Manual Work Practices

  • Are manually lifted parts positioned in logical locations?

  • Are manually lifted parts being lifted correctly?

  • Do employees know or understand lifting techniques and object weights?

  • Are manual processes being performed correctly (fitting, cutting, welding, etc)?

  • Do employees understand correct work processes, body positioning, tool use, etc.?

  • Are tools being used correctly and for the intended purposes?

  • Are tools in good working order and properly maintained?

  • Is hot work being performed safely?

Confined Space Program

  • Are the six steps for entry being followed (monitoring, marking, logging, ventilation, respirator use, communication plan)?

  • Is there any equipment deficiency which needs remedied?

  • Do shop employees understand the rules and application of the program?

  • Is additional training needed?

Work At Heights

  • Is fall protection being utilized appropriately?

  • Is a fall prevention method available which could eliminate the use of fall protection?

  • What methods are available for consideration? What can be done to improve the area?

  • Are ladders in good condition and being used appropriately?

  • What deficiencies exist and what can be done to improve the conditions

  • Are scaffolds being used correctly?

  • What deficiencies exist and what can be Donetsk o remedy the situation?

  • What tools, equipment, or devices are needed to improve conditions?

PPE Program

  • Is basic plant PPE in use?

  • Is hot work PPE (FR) being used correctly?

  • Is shop specific equipment being used correctly?

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