1.0 car park entrance / goods in yard

1.1 Inspect car park surface , trolley bay barrier.

1.2 All signage and car park / security lighting operational and timers set correctly. (Add picture of timers)

1.3 All downpipes, drains and channels operational.

1.4 Check and report any damage to main gates,perimeter fencing and neighbouring properties.

1.5 Goods in yard surface report or repair potholes.

1.6 check goods in lighting. (Add pictures of timers).

2.0 Shop Floor

2.1 Check condition of entrance matting, re-fix if necessary.

2.2 Check all ceiling tiles and replace as necessary.

2.3 Check all stair nosing’s, banisters and fix as necessary.

2.4 Identify and replace all non operational lamps at low level, High level lighting to be app 20% inoperable prior to planned replacement.

2.5 Check main heating temp setting adjust as required—to be set at 15 C.

2.6 Check and report condition of visible walls and bulkheads on sales floor.

2.7 Check condition of shop floor and expansion joints.

2.8. Check lighting chill rooms, back up freezers and chillers.

3.0 Colleague / Storage Areas

3.1. Check plumbing and water heater

3.2. Check all ceiling tiles and replace as necessary Replace all non operational lamps

3.3 Check all flooring for trip hazards and repair as needed

4.0 Toilets ( Customer/Colleague)

4.1 Check all cubicles and fixtures repairing as necessary. including baby change facility

4.2 Check operation of taps and condition of pipe work , shower repair as necessary.

4.3 Check lighting, Fans, hand dryers are all working order.

5.0 Fire

5.1 Ensure all fire extinguishers are secure, in place and test date is compliant.

5.2 Ensure all signage is in place and visible.

5.3 Operate fire doors, adjust and lubricate

6.0 Electrical

6.1 Check trailing leads, extensions and socket outlets for signs of damage, repair as necessary.

6.2 check operation Electric Water Heaters

6.3 Check distribution boards for missing blanks ,lose covers ,any signs of over heating

6.4 CCTV / intruder alarms / tannoy system (visual only )

6.5 Check plant / switch rooms clean and tidy ( attach pictures)

6.6 Emergency light check

1 . Check emergency light neons are on
2. Check that light operates when keyed over

6.7 check Branch logs for—
Fire alarm testing Sprinkler pump testing (where applicable)
Emergency Lighting test
Generator Test (Makro Only)

7.0 Chill Rooms

7.1. Check lighting in chill rooms

7.2. Check lighting in back up freezers and chillers

7.3. Check lighting in staff corridors

8.0 Butchery

8.1. Check condition floor / walls report any damages

8.2 Check tap operation Water temperature and drainage

8.3. Check lighting , socket outlets leads replace / repair as required

9.0 Mechanical

9.1 Emergency Gas Solenoids Visual Only Makro only

9.2 check all water heater ( immersion/ tank fed/ boilers and calorifiers

9.3 Roller Shutter/Speed Doors

9.4. EVAC

9.5. Sewage Plant RA(Visual Only)

9.6 Dock Levelers


Have any IR2s been identified on this visit

CityFM Technician
Booker / Makro Manager

RA01 - Working in occupied premises
RA02 - Lone working
RA03 - Manual handling
RA04 - Use of portable power tools.
RA05 - Safe use of stepladders.
RA06 - Safe use of podium steps
RA07 - Safe use of ladders.
RA08 - Roof access & works
RA09 - Removing & installing luminaries.
RA010 - Changing & cleaning a/c filters.
RA011 - General plumbing.
RA012 - General painting.
RA013 - Electrical works within existing distribution boards.
RA014 - Working on or near low voltage electrical systems.
RA015 - Electrical dead working procedure.
RA016 - Fire alarm panel maintenance.
RA017 - Fire extinguisher maintenance.
RA018 - PAT testing.
F14 - Working in coldrooms

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.