Title Page

  • Driver Name and Audit Title

Truck Information

  • This Vehicle Belongs to Which Group

  • Truck Number

  • License Plate Number

  • Mileage

Truck Condition

  • Right Front Tire Condition

  • Tread Depth

  • Left Front Tire Condition

  • Tread Depth

  • Left Rear Tire Condition

  • Tread Depth

  • Right Rear Tire Condition

  • Tread Depth

  • Windshield Condition

  • Damage To Unit

  • Bluetooth Operational

House Keeping

  • Inside

  • Outside

  • Under Hood

  • Storage In Truck Box

Tools And Supplies

  • Road Kit for ND Only (Collapsible Shovel, Recovery Strap (25 ft/7.5m), booster cables (25ft/y.m 8 gauge), traffic triangle, wool blanket, non-inflammable tire sealer/inflator, Foot/Hand Warmers, First Aid Kit)

  • Bed Net

  • Registration Insurance


  • Supervisor Signature

  • Driver Signature

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