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Store Review

BP BA audit testing items

  • BP.1 confirm Xstore profile, match designated location, any termed or inactive rep no longer have an active xstore profile.

  • BP.2 will obtain the location’s license, ensure it is current and not expired. If license requires that it be posted ensure it is properly displayed to the public.

  • BP.3 will review set up of the store and ensure that front entrance signage includes window cling stating the location is owned and operated by a Branded Partner as required.

  • BP.4a will inspect computer workstations and iPad. Ensure they are locked down when not attended. Also ensure that ipads are not left unattended on the sales floor.

  • BP.4b will ensure that privacy screens are installed on all transaction monitors.

  • BP.5b will observe the following: ARe unlocked/unsecured trash receptacles free of PII? Are all workstations and public areas free of PII? Is confidential Customer information being left unattended on sales floor?

  • BP.6 will Verify that foreign devices or card skimmers are not present on kiosks or POS Transaction devices.

  • BP.7 will identify location of Comcast Technology rack and ensure it is Cclosed and locked.

  • BP.8 will review the last 3 Physical inventory counts in Xinventory to ensure count was completed for all items.

  • BP.9 will pull in data to verify if inventory received was entered into Xstore same day. (Within 120 Minutes)

  • BP.10a will evaluate Inventory Scorecard for the prior 3 Months. (Managers should ensure that trade-in/upgrade devices and recycled phones are shipped timely)

  • BP. 10b will compare quoted upgrade/trade-in value for all returns within the last 90 days with amount received from Assurant.

  • BP.11 will evaluate report to determine if there were any days that the store was in operation(may exclude holidays) that Xstore was not closed properly.

  • BP. 12 will select 5 days of Daily Cash paperwork from the past 30 days, and verify the amounts were received by Comcast.

  • BP. 13 Inquire if any cash deposits are present in the store safe. If cash is presents have store manager provide deposit amounts and corresponding daily paperwork for deposits. Will verify that deposits are less than 3 days old.

  • BP. 14 will observe if the depository safe remains closed and locked unless in use and ensure that all cash is secured(no loose cash in store, back room, break room, etc.) Will inquire/observe if the XM Mobile equipment safe is being used to store cash deposits(no separate/secured safe within it for cash deposits) will ensure the cash safe is also locked upon opening the product safe.

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