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  • Store Visited

  • Conducted on

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  • Retail Excellence Scorecard https://data.comcast.com/#/views/OpsScorecard/StoreRanking?:iid=1

  • PCI Checklist https://app.smartsheet.com/sheets/RvqxghfFjW34MhmRmpQH9hMH7f2xqp39HGW7QwC1?view=grid

  • Xstore Open/Close/Overshort https://data.comcast.com/#/views/RollingStoreClosureReport/RollingStoreClosureTesting?:display_count=n&:iid=2&:origin=viz_share_link&:showAppBanner=false&:showVizHome=n

Store Visit

  • Name of Leaders in Store

  • Inventory Scorecard (Returns/Upgrades/Tips bucket with nothing aged over 7 days?Counts Completed? )<br>Alans link

  • Xvip Compliance/Demo devices working on proper WIFI and DCOTA?

  • Logs filled out properly for past 30 days?

  • Visit Summary

  • Actions Requested From the Store:

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