The office is properly registered with HUD and the address is current.

Operations are conducted in a professional, business-like environment.

If located in a commercial space, the office is properly and clearly identified for any walk-in customers and has adequate office space and equipment.

Office is in a location conducive to mortgage lending and is separated from any other entity by walls or partitions (entrances and reception areas may be shared).

If located in a non-commercial space, the office has adequate office space and equipment.

Fair housing Poster displayed.

Fair Lending Poster displayed.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Poster displayed (if the public is received).

Appropriate Licenses are displayed.

Federal & State Labor Law Posters are displayed (break area).

Accessible to persons with disabilities (if public received).

Has alternate means of accommodation to serve persons with disabilities (if public not received but office used to occasionally meet with members of the public).

Sufficiently staffed with trained personnel.

Branch Manager exercises control and management supervision over employees through periodic quality control review of their work.

Office personnel have electronic access to relevant statutes, regulations, HUD issuances and Handbooks.

Procedures are revised to reflect changes in HUD requirements and personnel are informed of the changes.

Personnel are all employees of the mortgagee or contract employees performing functions allowed by HUD to be outsourced.

No personnel or contract employees currently under debarment or suspension or a Limited Denial of Participation.

Information Security Poster posted conspicuously.

Customer information properly secured when not in use by authorized personnel.