Branch Performance

  • Warm up being completed daily? Observation of warm up to be completed, discussion with a team member around warm ups/understand their take of these.

  • Colleagues in branch @ 8:45, working areas set up for doors opening every day? 10 mins per day should be used to prepare team for the day; Example - how colleagues are to be set up for the day - banking hall, pod, counter, back office etc. review diary to understand appointments within your branch, re-cap on product knowledge of 'hot' products being utilised within branch/new products launched. Focusing on service and behaviours as this is what helps deliver results. This will promote team spirit and help make sure everyone understands their role within the team and is committed to success. Measure of success will be through communication with colleagues within the team, appointments booked within the branch diary system, daily check lists, team set up and current workload on desk within Branch. Fridays warm up to be ringfenced to discuss weekly performance including retail funding performance with team. Consider weekly theme/focus to support an increase in activity.

  • Warm down being completed daily? Observation of warm down to be completed, discussion with a team member around warm downs/understand their take of these.

  • At the end of each day it is important to make sure all of the team are aware of the performance of the day and what has been achieved. For those colleagues with an early finish ensure that they are aware of the team performance for the day also. This is an important time of the day to recap, communicate important information from the business which has been received and 'Thank' your team for their contribution. Measure of success, productivity (leads spreadsheet, daily MI from marketing, weekly dashboard, monthly dashboard), Good news stories, Best Companies survey. Review and discuss daily MI spreadsheet and discuss feedback from colleagues/members from the day.

  • Branch performance being reviewed weekly by Branch Manager?

  • Review performance including net retail funding for branch. Understand retail inflow/outflow, what are the contributors and provide feedback to colleagues, Senior Branch Manager & Marketing. To review impact of activities on member numbers. Awareness and education from external factors (marketing). Measure of success, Weekly conference call with SBM, Branch workflow, Marketing MI, staff activity log, branch set up, weekly MI including member/colleague feedback.


  • Customer contact details/marketing preferences updated in every interaction? Minimum 5 checks per colleague each month across all T & C activities.

  • To support an excellent customer service and opportunities within the Society. It is important to adhere to the minimum data requirements set by the organisation for our customers. This should be captured during every customer interaction (unless hold codes present). Measure of success, 5 checks per staff member per month against minimum data standards, compliance - investment a/c review, data MI, through face to face/telephone observations undertaken.

  • Monitor customer flow within Branch.

  • Queues can build up. Through daily spot checks, review the effectiveness of the daily branch set up. It is important we service our members needs efficiently. Respond to queues by ensuring all available colleagues are there to meet the needs of customers, utilizing agreed trigger points Walk the shop floor and engage with customers whilst their waiting - directing members to relevant stations to support their need. Measure of success, customer feedback, NPS Score, Observations, Staffing rota/daily set up schedule, colleagues take responsibility of reacting to trigger points.

  • Staffing Rota - Zone conference call been undertaken by Branch Managers. Staffing available 1 month in advance. Staffing spreadsheet to be updated by the 14th of the month.

  • Using the staffing rota will really help deliver great service to our members, plan for efficiency and help you ensure your branch runs smoothly. Consider volume of work/business (branch diary/dashboard), community/volunteering and holidays to support resource planning within branch. Any amendments to be discussed with colleague and spreadsheet to be updated within 48 hours. Measures of success, correct coverage in branch to support operations/service level to our members (staffing spreadsheet), NPS, Complaints/feedback., best companies survey, colleague feedback. To be reviewed each week within zone.

  • Cash errors - cash differences should not exceed the following bi-annually; 5 Tubwell , 3 within Tier 1, 1 within Tier 2 (This does not include any cash errors from new colleagues in their first 3 months in role)

  • Colleague to discuss cash error in the first instance with a branch manager to establish the potential cause. Where possible contact the member apologising for any inconvenience caused, discuss with member how we look to put this right. Error only to be logged following authorisation from a branch manager. Staff members should be aiming to provide members with an excellent customer service, with 'right first time' behaviors. Measures of success, Customer voice - NPS/Complaint/Feedback, 121's, procedure/process followed/changes required?, monthly MI reporting.

  • Complaints/feedback register reviewed weekly - Branch Manager aware of complaints/feedback, and any actions within SLA if relating to service? Actions/procedures/process changes being led by Branch Manager from customer feedback? Leading by example in logging customer feedback/complaints?

  • Where our members wish to express their dissatisfaction, ensure team members feel comfortable with understanding how to handle the customers dissatisfaction and the correct channel to report this information. Reviewing the dissatisfaction is there a process change required? if so option for this to be reviewed and discussed with Branch Operations Manager.

    Feedback - positive/negative, this to be captured in every instance as this will help the business understand what is working/not working for our members. It is important that this is brought to life as the culture within our business. Regular discussions are to take place around this area to enhance staff engagement in this area. Measures of success team brief quarterly, complaints feedback register, 121's, process changes, monthly MI reporting.

Colleague Development

  • Evidence that CPD is up to date and logs being carried out by staff and authorized by Branch Managers?

  • It is important that staff record the development/learning within MyDBS under CPD, this supports clarity and understanding of what was learnt and provides insight to BM on how they will use this in the work place. This supports training and competence in line with expectations to maintain competence within their role. Management authorisations should be completed within a week of the CPD being logged within MyDBS. Measures of success, staff engagement, development, MyDBS, best companies survey, increased productivity.

  • Colleague development plans - is there evidence that a development plan is set up and being utilised for the colleagues within the branch?

  • Development plans for your teams demonstrates that you are happy to invest in them, that you see their success as critical to your success. Setting stretching but achievable goals for your team will help them to stay focused whilst having a clear vision and a strategy to achieve it. Development plans should be written and driven by each colleague and then reviewed and updated monthly with BM. Measures of success, succession planning, colleagues development inline with ethos - growing our own, best companies survey

  • Team talks - Weekly team brief's and branch offline time planned to support colleague development.

  • weekly team brief and offline time provides the opportunity to provide colleague development. This development should cover any activities that will improve member experience and increase colleague skillset. The BM will take time to prepare yourself with materials for the session so your team are sure to find it energising/engaging. It should be interactive sessions led by the Branch Manager with SME's supporting where appropriate and all key messages delivered with clarity and purpose. Engage the whole team to input and share ideas to help become more knowledgeable and confident (utilizing use of role plays). Measures of success, best companies survey, colleague feedback, NPS, CPD, SBM observations, branch financial performance

  • Colleague Activities - Completion of all T & C activities per colleague, each month.

  • To support colleague development and confirm colleague competence in role. BM to plan to ensure that all colleagues have the opportunity to demonstrate competence in all areas. BM responsible to review weekly progress and amend plans for completion of activities. T & C spreadsheet to reflect this progress. Measures of success - time management including use of diary, communication with SBM on progress, increased colleague confidence and competence, CPD activity, colleague engagement, member experience

  • Monthly 121/ Year End Review and completion of scorecards

  • It is essential for colleague development that they have a 121 with their branch manager each month to discuss welfare, performance against objectives and colleague development. Branch managers to prepare and write up scorecard documentation before 121 delivery. To close scorecard once discussion has taken place to allow any updated to be included. colleague completion by the 3rd of each month, BM delivery and scorecard closed by 10th of each month. Measures of success - colleague engagement, colleague development, succession planning, branch performance and member experience.


  • Are staff aware of security procedures in line with Society guidance? Discussion with BM and a branch team member should be undertaken.

  • The Management team should make sure that all of the team follow security procedures laid down which are there to protect our staff, assets and integrity. All relevant documentation relating to security procedures must be completed as per instruction and filed accordingly. Example, are staff aware of the following, Branch opening procedures, maximum safe limit for cash, maximum cash limit for till drawers, safe content requirements, suspicion report procedure, data protection (clear desk policy). Measures of success, iAuditor, Triline, compliance, peoplehr, staffs knowledge

  • Are staff sweeping the branch at close of business to ensure customers data is secure overnight?

  • When entering the branch first thing on a morning sweep the branch in all rooms to ensure customer data has not been left out unsecured. Example, unlocked draws, photocopier, normal waste bins, desk tops etc. If unable to sweep branch opening due to time of day audit completed, speak with team members asking what they complete on close down. Measures of success observations, 121's, tri-line, staffs knowledge

  • Does the Branch have audit actions? If yes, have these been completed?

  • To protect our reputation we need to be able to prove that we are following recommended guidelines around compliance. After an audit report has been completed on a branch the management team should make sure that all actions noted by the auditor are completed within the required timescales noted. Measures of success iAuditor, Triline, Compliance, Peoplehr, knowledge of management team

  • Business Impact analysis - Has this been updated each month (colleague changes)

  • To protect our reputation we need to ensure we have a robust business impact analysis/ continuity plan in place to support our business in times of a crisis. This should be updated and the communication tested within each team. This should be a cascade of communication from the Senior Branch Managers through to Branch Manager's and frontline staff to ensure communication is filtered. Measures of success, staff knowledge, iAuditor, Triline, compliance, MyDBS

  • Understand impact of non-compliance on branch performance and member experience - Are all colleagues aware of outputs which support compliance daily? Are all colleagues up to date with compliance training?

  • All colleague are up to date with compliance training via Learning Management System (LMS). BM to role model application of knowledge. For example; keep your desk tidy and free from personal information, passwords secret to demonstrate compliance with data protection and information security requirements. All colleagues to understand our Anti-Bribery Policy, Banking Protocol, DPA, AML and all other relevant policies and procedures. Make sure all colleagues apply customer care process. Measures of success, Management knowledge, iAuditor, Daily/Weekly checklist, MyDBS

Health & Safety

  • Are health and safety checks being performed weekly by Branch Managers? Discussion or observe BM around what is checked.

  • Working in a safe environment where health and safety is taken seriously helps to make our colleagues feel valued and protected. You should carry out weekly inspections (daily awareness of any risks) of your branch to ensure there are no hazards or risks that could impose a threat to you or your team. Injuries at work can cause long term sickness which affects everybody in the branch and can be costly. By carrying out regular inspections to make sure there are no hazards you will be protecting staff and the business. Measures of success, Managers knowledge, iAuditor, voice of staff, voice of internal customer. Observations of colleagues.

  • Absence management, are Branch Managers completing return to work assessments via MyDBS with colleagues

  • It is important to understand the welfare and any health and safety provisions that may need to be discussed put in place to support colleagues when returning back to the working environment. There is a clear policy set out in terms of absence management and the expectations on you as a manager to complete. These actions should be fully recorded within MyDBS on the day the colleague returns to work to ensure colleague welfare has been discussed and confirmation that staff members is fit to resume full duties. Measures of success, DSE assessment, MyDBS, staff feedback, best companies survey, triline, colleague attrition.

  • DSE assessments - Has the team members within the branch completed an assessment? Where actions are required has the Branch Manager picked up/chasing outputs that are required?

  • A DSE should be completed as a minimum annually for your staff members within the branch and reviewed by BM to see if there are any requirements to support your staff member being comfortable within any environment they work (this includes working at different work stations/branches). A DSE should be completed when a colleague returns from long term sickness, during pregnancy, where a colleague suggests their working environment is uncomfortable. It is important that you review your staffs welfare/working environment once complaints are made from your colleague. Measures of success iAuditor, voice of staff, voice of internal customers, MyDBS

  • Fire alarm checks - Has the fire alarms been tested each week within the branch? Has the fire log book been updated weekly to reflect checks?

  • Each week a fire alarm check should be tested within your branch to ensure the correct controls/mechanisms are in place should the branch have a fire. Ensure the relevant lighting is as expected, fire exits are clear and clutter free and are accessible in the event of a fire. Measures of success, iAuditor, weekly fire log sheet, voice of internal customer (feedback), observations


  • Recycling, is there evidence within the branch that there is mechanisms for recycling? Where there is are these evidentially being used?

  • It is important we encourage an environment where we role model behaviours around being environmentally friendly. Within your branch it is important to recycle waste wherever possible and ensuring you have the correct recycle methods in branch. Example being two bins - one for general waste the other for recycling. Confidential waste bin - being used correctly, old furniture etc. Measures of success iAuditor, voice of staff (feedback), voice of internal customer (feedback)

  • Think before your print! Does the branch culture portray an environment where digital is used before printing?

  • Instil a culture within your branch where printing is discouraged and electronic devices should be used to read relevant documents and discuss performance etc. This will reduce paper costs within your branch which will support business costs overall. Reduction in paper costs, voice of staff (feedback), iAuditor, observations, best companies survey

  • Turn it off. Walk around the branch to see if rooms which are not in use lights are switched off, computers on stand by, plugs switched off where expected, kitchen area - electricity points not in use are switched off.

  • Drive a culture with your colleagues that if equipment is not in use either have this on standby or switch off at the wall. Example would be lights, kettles, toasters, microwaves. PC equipment should be on standby. This will support the environment as well as reducing electricity costs within your branch. Measures of success, reduction in electricity costs, voice of staff member, iAuditor, best companies survey, branch contribution


  • Walk the path of the customer. Is it evident that all colleagues ensure customer facing areas are at the expected standards?

  • Take a look at your branch through the eyes of your customers. First impressions start outside the branch. Take a look at cleanliness, colleague presentation and points of discussion areas. Does what you see delight you? Do you think what you see wows your customer? Encourage the team to address any branch standards issues based on what has the most impact on wowing our members. Ensure the team are aware that maintaining branch standards help us to present our branch on key aspects of members perception, valuing people and their time. Regular spot checks to completed by BM to ensure standards are being maintained. Measures of success, iAuditor, voice of internal/external customer (feedback), NPS, accident book.

  • Walk through back office. Is it evident that all colleagues ensure that back office areas meet expected standards?

  • Take a look at your branch through your own eyes of would you live like this at home? What do you see? Are the bins overflowing? Is there a mess in the sink? What does the eating areas look like? Are the toilets clean? Is the stationery cupboards tidy/clutter free? Ensure the team are aware that maintain branch standards help us to present our branch to internal visitors within our business. Regular spot checks to completed by BM to ensure standards are being maintained. Measures of success, iAuditor, voice of internal customer (feedback), accident book.


  • Is it evident that outreach calendar is being used by the Branch and planned 6 months in advance?

  • To support operational planning and the ability to support our local community it is important that your branch has updated the outreach calendar 6 months in advice with community activities. This is to be reviewed to see if branch activity is recorded and does this mirror the month's staffing/resource? Measures of success, Outreach calendar, MyDBS workload, social media

  • Volunteering, is it evident that the branch team are engaged with volunteering with our Local 5? Have the team used/planned their volunteer hours?

  • It is very important to support our ethos by integrating within our local community. Drive the culture within your branch by supporting each colleague within your team completing a minimum standard of 14 hours volunteering per year. Measures of success MyDBS, social media, staff voice, community tracker

  • Local 5 - Has BM developed and maintained relationships with 5 local charities/community groups?

  • Working within the local communities is a fundamental part of the branch ethos, building and maintaining strong relationships with the local 5 groups is key to DBS success. Has the BM/colleagues maintained relationship and agreed future support to each of local 5. Measures of success - weekly branch performance update, social media, community impact, colleague engagement, MyDBS.


  • Marketing site plan - Are all poster sites within branch as expected through marketing campaign/plan? Are stand alone poster sites stocked adequately?

  • Weekly check/change over as instructed by marketing
    Branch poster sites should be set up as expected from the marketing plan. Poster sites within your branch should replicate the message the Society is looking to portray to our members as per communications delivered. Measures of success Customer feedback, NPS, iAuditor, Compliance

  • Stationery and Literature check - Is the branch equipped with relevant stock to facilitate customers needs?

  • Daily check
    Your branch should be equipped with correct literature and stationery as per the central stock control owned by the BM/stationery champion. Branch manager to spot check colleagues are offering alternative's to paper documents to members (emailing literature where possible). Adequate stock should be on site to ensure we service our members and provide them with the relevant information before during and after their visit the branch. Measures of success, customer feedback, NPS, iAuditor, Compliance

Private customer area

  • Managing of private rooms/use of branch diary - Review branch diary should be set up to maximise customer interactions at all times.

  • Daily review
    Your branch diary system should be available for appointments which are required to suit our members requirements. It is important to set an area up for appointments and where applicable walk ins. The diary system should have time blocked out detail the customers need to ensure there is full visibility when our member comes to branch for the appointment so there is a clear understanding for their visit. Measures of success, customer feedback, NPS, observations, iAuditor, increase in productivity.

  • Understanding of what customers require for their booked appointment. Observe staff member when booking in an appointment for a customer to understand if they are able to demonstrate knowledge of what is required for the appointment. Where you are unable to observe an appointment booking, ask a staff member to walk you through what would be required one of the following; savings review(new), savings review (existing), mortgage appointment, and review information on appointment booking form.

  • It is important to set the expectation to our member/potential member in terms of the requirements for their need. Example being what minimum requirements will they need to be able to open an account/have a mortgage appointment/ Wren Sterling appointment. Measure of success Customer feedback (NPS), Observations, iAuditor, increase in productivity, staff feedback

  • How the private area looks and feels. Review the branch standard expectation for the interview area to ensure it is as expected (clear, tidy, clutter free), the area is set up with the expected equipment/literature to support customer interaction.

  • Daily
    Through the eyes of your customer, review the interview area(s), how do they feel? Is the interview area as you would expect as a customer, clutter free, clean, the right equipment/documentation available to be able to service our members. Measures of success customer feedback, NPS, observations, iAuditor

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