Job Details

  • Job/Incident Number

  • Date incident occurred

  • Location

Engineer Details

  • Engineer

  • Tech Number

  • Team Number

Person completing report

  • Prepared by

  • Date of Team Manager site visit


  • Do we accept liability

Record of findings - (Full details giving reason for denying or accepting liability with photographic evidence including report and clearly stating Liability Accepted/ Denied)

  • We're there any witnesses?

  • Witness details if not the person reporting the incident

Photographs and drawings

  • Add media

  • Add drawing

  • Add drawing

Corrective Action

  • Has the person reported been made adware of the incident

  • Has the Health and Safety department been notified?

  • Is further investigation required?

  • Who will carry out further investigation?

  • Has an incident report been completed on Solars

Actions agreed with customer

  • Customer Signature


  • Manager signature

  • Engineer signature

Email report to

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