Title Page

  • Service Number & Job Address

  • Commitment Date:

  • Job Coins Number:

  • Retail Service Provider:

  • Grade of civil work:

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Service Order Details

Customer Details

  • Client Name & Contact Details:

  • Notes:

  • Premises type?

  • Boundary Tube/Marker Located?

  • Photos of dropoff

  • Are you the personal that requested the services?

  • What's your name?

  • Are you authorized to sign the consent form and approve the scope of works?

  • Authorized Signature:

Network Details

  • Is there network as address?

Scope of Works

Inside Boundary Works

  • Is Civil Work Required Between Boundary & ETP?

  • All Civil Works Between Boundary & ETP.

  • What civil works are required to get inside boundary?

  • Primary civil work inside boundary.

  • Total distance between drop off & ETP

  • Breakdown of total measurement:

  • Add media

Internal Work

  • Type of internal access

  • Is there external cabling?

  • Meters of conduit/capping/flexi

  • Type of internal cabling

  • Integrating phone line?

  • Technician Install Time:

  • Location of ONT & Signed End User Form:

  • Add media

Signed Consent

I confirm that; (a) I have seen, read and understood this information and the end user terms and accept those terms, and / or (b) I am not the owner of the property, but I have obtained the consent of the owner to authorize the installation works, and (c) I understand that there maybe an impact on the operation of burglar, medical and monitored alarms, I have been advised to contact my alarm and / or telecommunications services provider.

  • End user signature:

  • Add drawing

  • Select date

  • Scoper's Signature:

  • Add drawing

  • Select date

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