1. Building Details
1.1 building Class

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Means of escape from Buildings
3. Evacuation Routes

3.1 Are evacuation routes clear of obstructions?

3.2 Are final exits clear of obstructions for two metres?

3.3 Are the final exits of any adjoining properties clear?

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4. Exit Doors

4. Is the hardware undamaged?

4.2 Are the doors along the evacuation route unlocked and unobstructed?

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5. Fire/smoke doors and Walls

5.1 Are the fire/smoke doors unobstructed and undamaged?

5.2 Can current maintenance records for fire/smoke doors be produced upon request?

5.3 Are fire/smoke walls free from unprotected penetration?

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6. Evacuation Signs/Diagrams -General

6.1 Do the evacuation signs/diagrams contain the required information? Eg within 5years date

6.2 Are the evacuation signs/diagrams securely fastened and orientated for the building?

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7. Evacuation Signs -Accommodation Units

7.1 Are accommodation unit evacuation sign/s securely fastened and orientated for the building?

7.2 Do the evacuation sign/s contain the required information for the accommodation units?

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Occupancy Limits for Buildings
8. Obligations

8.1 Have steps been taken to ensure the building is not overcrowded?

8.2 If an Occupancy Notice has been issued by the Commissioner, is the building compliant?

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Maintenance of Fire Safety Installations
9. Exit Signs/Emergency Lighting

9.1 Are the exit signs/emergency lighting undamaged?

10. Fire Extinguishers

10.1 Are all fire extinguishers correctly maintained?

11. Fire Hose Reels

11.1 Are all fire hose reels correctly maintained?

12. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

12.1 Is the fire detection and alarm system operating with no isolations or faults?

12.3 If the fire detection ans alarm system is not connected to QFRS are MCPs signed 'Ring 000'?

12.4 Is the number of unwanted alarms below the prescribed average?

12.5 If a class 2 accommodation building, are smoke alarms installed in the sole occupancy units?

13. Evacuation System

13.1 Is the evacuation system in 'auto' mode with no zones isolated or in fault?

14. Sprinkler System

14.1 Is the sprinkler booster installation undamaged?

15. On-site Hydrant System

15.1 Is the on-site fire hydrant booster installation undamaged?

15.2 Are the on-site fire hydrants undamaged?

16. Hydrant/Sprinkler Pumpsets

16.1 Are the hydrant/sprinkler Pumpsets correctly maintained?

17. Stairwell Pressurisation


18. Smoke and Heat Ventilation Systems


19. Standby Power Supply


20. Emergency Lift -Fire Service Control


Are the maintenance records for the below available?

Exit signs Emergency Lighting?

Fire extinguishers?

Fire Hose Reels?

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems?

Evacuation Systems?

Sprinkler System?

On site Hydrant System

Hydrant/Sprinkler Pumpsets?

Stairwell Pressurisation?

Smoke and Heat Ventilation Systems?

Standby Power Supply?

Emergency Lift - Fire Service Control?

21. Critical Defects

21.1 If a critical defect notice has been received, has action been taken to rectify within one month?

21.2 If a critical defect notice has beefed received, have interim measures been put in place?

22. Miscellaneous

22.1 Is housekeeping acceptable?

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23. Evacuation Planning, Instruction & Practice

23.1 Is there a fire and evacuation plan in place in place or each building?

23.2 Is there a managing entity and secondary occupiers' fire & evacuation plan for multi-occupancy buildings?

23.3 Are all the fire and evacuation plans kept in the specified form?

23.4 Do fire and evacuation plans reflect alternative building solutions?

23.5 Is there a procedure in place to evacuate persons with special needs?

23.6 Are all fire and evacuation plans available upon request?

23.7 Are all fire and evacuation plans current and reviewed annually?

23.8 Have general evacuation instructions been given?

23.9 Are records for general evacuation instructions kept and available upon request?

23.10 Have first response evacuation instructions been given?

23.11 Are records for first response evacuation instructions kept and available upon request?

23.12 Have evacuation coordination instructions been given?

23.13 Are records for evacuation coordination instructions kept and available upon request?

23.14 Has evacuation practice been conducted annually?

23.15 Are evacuation practice records kept and available upon request?

23.15 Has a Fire Safety Adviser been appointed?

23.16 Is there a procedure in place to provide 'adequate instruction' to prescribed persons?

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Record Keeping
24. Approval Documents

24.1 Are approval documents obtained and kept?

24.2 Is the certificate of classification for the building displayed?

25. Occupiers Statement (Annual)

25.1 Can an annual occupiers statement be produced upon request?

26. Record Security

26.1 Are records kept in a way that is reasonably safe from the effects of fire?

26.2 Is a copy of al prescribed documents kept in another place?

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.