Title Page

  • Trading as / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Officer

  • Address



  • Proprietor

  • Opening times

  • Person interviewed

  • Position

Licence Display and Insurance

  • Are the licence conditions displayed

  • Is an approved plan included

  • Alterations to the site

  • Is there Public Liability Insurance

  • Employers Liability Insurance

  • Number of employees

Staff Training / Animals


  • Is there a documented systematic training of staff

  • Animal welfare

  • Cleanliness & Hygiene

  • Feeding & food preparation

  • Disease control

  • Recognition and treatment of sick animals

  • Health and safety

  • Emergency procedures

No of animals

  • Maximum number of dogs

  • Maximum number of cats


  • Register kept of all animals

  • Date of arrival and departure

  • Name of animal / identification

  • Description / breed / age / gender etc

  • Details of owners

  • Details while boarded

  • Details of vet

  • Authorisation for vet treatment

  • Health / welfare / nutritional requirements

  • Permission for animal to share unit

  • Are formal boarding agreements made

  • Minimum of 24 months registration details available

  • Computer records

  • Is information backed up

  • Do all staff have access

  • Is a fit and proper person available 24 hours

Units - model standards


  • Are sleeping units compliant

  • Numbers

  • Are exercise areas compliant

  • Numbers


  • Are sleeping units compliant (single cat)

  • Numbers

  • Are exercise areas compliant (single cat)

  • Numbers

  • Are sleeping units compliant (two cats)

  • Numbers

  • Are sleeping units compliant (four cats)

  • Numbers

  • Are exercise areas compliant (four cats)

  • Numbers

  • Is height sleeping area compliant


  • Flooring

  • Drainage

  • Walls / Partition

  • Are suitable sneeze barriers provided

  • Are wall / floor junctions suitably covered or sealed

  • Ceiling

  • Is exercise area covered

  • Does mesh used comply

  • Dogs 5cm gap, 2mm wire / Cats 2.5cm gap, 1.6mm

  • Door / Frame

  • Is there adequate ventilation

  • Types

  • Is there adequate lighting

  • Types

  • Can all areas of the unit be seen

  • Are all internal surfaces smooth, durable, impervious

  • Is there access between exercise and sleeping area

  • Unit have exclusive sleeping and exercise area

  • Security of animal ensured

  • Do units open on to secure corridor

  • Interior/ Exterior / grounds in good repair

Construction (temperature, bedding, food & water)


  • Are sleeping areas suitably insulated

  • Methods of heating

  • Sleeping area - min 10°C max 26°C

  • Is there a temperature monitoring system


  • Is bedding easily cleaned or sanitised

  • Kept clean, dry and pest free

Food & Water supplies

  • Are all animals provided with food and clean water

Construction (kitchen, cleanliness)

Kitchen facilities

  • Exclusive facilities, hygienically constructed & maintained

  • Are refrigeration facilities provided

  • Are appropriate container provided

  • Is cross contamination avoided

  • Wash Hand Basin compliant


  • Are all areas free from accumulations of dirt / debris

  • Location and cleaning of litter tray

  • Is a suitable cleaning regime in place

  • Chemical use

  • Is the premises free from pests

  • Is waste disposal acceptable

Infection control

  • Are any stray animals accepted on site

  • Details

  • Are adequate precautions in place to prevent and control infections

  • Does this include staff and visitors

  • Current vaccinations at least 4 weeks prior to boarding

  • Records available

  • Dogs - canine distemper, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis

  • Cats - infectious feline enteritis, feline respiratory disease

  • Are first aid kits available

  • Insecticide available for external parasites

  • Vet details for premises

  • Adequate procedures for death or escape

  • Muzzles and dog catching devices available

Infection control (isolation units)

  • Dogs 1-50 / 5m separation / 10m separation

  • Cats 1-30 / 3m separation / 10m separation

  • Dogs No provided

  • Cats No provided

  • Do isolation facilities comply with all other conditions

  • Measures to prevent spread of infectious diseases

  • Are areas adequately disinfected

Vehicles / Fire Safety / Comments


  • Are vehicles used to transport animals

  • Are vehicles clean and in good condition

Fire Safety

  • Is there an emergency evacuation plan and fire warning in place

  • Details of where plan is, where animals will go

  • Is all fire fighting equipment in order

  • Do they ensure electrical safety


  • Extra photographs

  • Licence to be issued

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