Title Page

  • Trade as / Town

  • Conducted on

  • Officer

  • Premises Address
  • Premises Telephone Number

  • Mobile number

  • Email address


Premises Details

  • Description of business

  • Opening times

  • Head Office
  • Ownership

  • Proprietor

  • First Language

  • Interviewed

  • Manager

  • Interviewed

  • Number of staff

  • Number of seats / covers

  • Please note that over 10 seats / covers customer toilet required

Other Agencies

  • Fire Authority notified

  • Licensing notified

  • Licensable activities

  • Are there any licensable activities at the premises

  • Trading Standards notified

  • Planning notified

  • Building Control notified

  • Environmental Protection notified


Structural checks

  • Does the design and construction of premises meet legal requirements

  • Number of wash hand basins / location

  • Locations

  • Number of sinks / location / designation

  • Locations

  • Adequate drainage facilities incl grease traps

  • Adequate ventilation

  • Adequate work surface area / separation of raw and cooked / ready to eat foods

  • Adequate equipment for safe raw and cooked / ready to eat preparation

  • Adequate temperature controlled storage

  • Adequate food waste facilities

  • Adequate oil waste facilities

  • Adequate staff toilet facilities

  • Is there adequate pest control measures in place

General food law

  • Is the business aware of the main General Food Law Requirements

  • Is the business aware of food safety management systems

  • Officer to provide FBO with information and direction to SFBB packs

  • Type of system

  • Is the business allergy aware

  • Officer to provide links to FSA website or contact Trading Standards

  • Is the business aware of staff training requirements

  • Food Hygiene Course available at Charnwood Borough Council

  • Is the business aware of the FHRS scheme

Health and Safety

  • Is the business aware of health and safety law

  • Direct business owners to HSE website www.hse.gov.uk

  • Is the business aware of risk assessments

  • Risk Assessments covered

  • Is there a current gas safety certificate

  • Date

  • Is there a current electrical safety certificate

  • Date

Additional Notes

  • Additional Notes

  • Notes

  • Extra photos

  • Does the business require signposting to external partners

  • Extetnal Partners

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