Title Page

  • Trading as / Location

  • Conducted on

  • Officer

  • Address
  • Premises telephone number

  • Mobile phone number

  • Email address



  • Proprietor

  • Interviewed

  • Manager

  • Interviewed

  • Number of Staff

Model Licence Conditions


  • Licence on display

  • Adequate insurance


  • Walls compliant

  • Floors compliant

  • Ceilings compliant

  • Doors compliant

  • Windows compliant

  • Drainage compliant

  • Lighting compliant

  • Ventilation compliant



  • Maximum number of cats

  • Number of units

  • Sleeping areas

  • Exercise areas


  • Maximum number of dogs

  • Number of units

  • Sleeping areas

  • Exercise areas


  • Are staff adequately trained

  • Is there adequate temperatures

  • Is the premises clean

  • Adequate food and water supplies

  • Adequate kitchen facilities

  • Adequate disease control / vaccination

  • Isolated facilities

  • Register of animals

  • Adequate identification of kennels

  • Adequate supervision

  • Adequate fire precautions

Additional comments


  • Extra photographs

  • Licence to be issued

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