• Area Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Sort: Needed/not needed?

  • Fixed In Place Machinery/Equipment/Furniture: Required to perform work/Uncluttered/Not obsolete or unnecessary

  • Movable Equipment/Spares/Forklifts/Hoppers: Required to perform work

  • Consumable Supplies/Hand Tools: Required to perform work

  • Documents/Boards/Signage: Required to perform work/Up to date

  • Work In Process: Board/Totes/Sacks/Maint.: Appropriate and timely storage

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  • Opportunities for improvement:

Straighten: Organized?

  • Fixed In Place Machinery/Equipment/Furniture: Labeled and in place

  • Movable Equipment/Spares/Forklifts/Hoppers: Labeled/in place/operable

  • Consumable Supplies/Hand Tools: All required devices are in place/labeled/operable

  • Documents/Boards/Signage: Organized/labeled/available

  • Floors/Aisles: Clearly designated and free of obstructions

  • Photos:

  • Opportunities for improvement:

Shine: Clean?

  • Fixed In Place Machinery/Equipment/Furniture: Cleaned/painted (if needed)/free of clutter

  • Movable Equipment/Spares/Forklifts/Hoppers: Cleaned/painted (if needed)/free of debris

  • Consumable Supplies/Hand Tools: Cleaned/free of debris

  • Documents/Boards/Signage: Cleaned/free of debris

  • Floors/Aisles/Boards/Walls: Cleaned/free of debris, spills, piles

  • Photos:

  • Opportunities for improvement:

Standardize: Frequency and Routine?

  • Frequency of Sort: Area re-sorting (unnecessary items not in area)

  • Frequency of Straighten: Area re-straighen (nothing is out of place)

  • Frequency of Shine: Area cleaning (active housekeeping)

  • 6S Program, Documents, Boards: 6S Program exists, posted, updated

  • Equipment and Processes: Equipment/process information is current, visible, and checklists are used

  • Photos:

  • Opportunities for improvement:

Sustain: Culture?

  • Commitment: Everyone is committed to 6S and practices 6S daily

  • Management: Is proactive in supporting 6S

  • Integration: 6S is part of the work itself (as it happens)

  • Forward Momentum: Prior Audit Action Items are completed

  • Photos:

  • Opportunities for improvement:

Safety: TOP Priority

  • PPE properly stored and accessible. ALL employees wearing required PPE

  • Fire hoses, fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment are prominently displayed and are unobstructed.

  • Machine guarding and guard rails are painted and in good condition. Provide adequate protection

  • E Stop switches and breakers are highly visible and located for easy access in case of emergency.

  • Tripping dangers are removed from standing/walking areas.

  • Working conditions and tasks are ergonomically friendly.

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  • Opportunities for improvement:

Top 3 Opportunities for improvement

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