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  • Seatbelts being worn when driving hoists

  • Hoist / pedestrian 3 metre rule being used

  • Pedestrians using designated walkways

  • Emergency exits are clear of obstructions

  • Electrical cabinets locked and clear of debris

  • Required PPE is being worn

  • Correct items in appropriate recycling bin

  • Correct manual handling technique observed

  • Other


  • Decanted chemicals are correctly labeled

  • Chemicals are stored in bunded area

  • Floors are clean and free from trip hazards

  • Correct PPE signage is in place

  • Spill kits are stocked


  • Why is it so important to keep walkways clear?

  • What should you do when the evacuation alarm sounds?

  • What should you do if you see water, oil or liquid on the floor?

  • What should you do if you see something being done unsafely

  • How would you report an incident / hazard / near miss?

  • When observing look for any hazards or unsafe conditions and either take immediate action or enter the incident into Vault for action to be assigned

  • Other

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