iAuditor: Inspection of Manufacturing Lines post Weekly Clean

1. 5S

  • 1.1 All redundant materials such as; tools, parts, cleaning products and equipment (also includes primary & secondary packaging)

  • 1.2 There is sufficient hooks, racking, shelving, cupboards available for material and equipment storage

  • 1.3 All equipment, tools, fixtures and furniture are in good working condition (no temporary fixes in place such as; sticky tape & cable ties)

  • 1.4 All fire extinguishers in correct location

  • 1.5 Waste & Recycling bins available and in correct location

  • 1.6 Correct use of bins and segregation of waste & recycling

  • 1.7 Signage hanging correctly and undamaged

  • 1.8 No personal belongings at workstations on the line

  • 1.9 Areas are free from rubbish and debris


  • 2.1 Rinser cleaned to a satisfactory standard

  • 2.2 Filler cleaned to satisfactory standard

  • 2.3 Labeller(s) cleaned to a satisfactory standard

  • 2.4 Packer(s) cleaned to a satisfactory standard

  • 2.5 Cleaning records complete & accurate

  • 2.6 CIP residue test completed

  • 2.7 Strainer check completed


  • 3.1 Drip trays free of debris

  • 3.2 Drip trays free of mould

  • 3.3 Drip trays working properly & flowing to drain (not onto floor)


  • 4.1 Drains clean and free of debris

  • 4.2 Drain screens & covers in place and not damaged


  • 5.1 Sufficient type & number of bins on the production line

  • 5.2 Bins have been emptied


  • 6.1 Workstations clean & tidy with no personal belongings

  • 6.2 Hand basins clean

  • 6.3 Workstations free of clutter such as; finished product, raw materials, change parts, change over tools & equipment


  • 7.1 Ceiling intact with no broken ceiling tiles & no holes in the ceiling

  • 7.2 Floor intact with no broken tiles

  • 7.3 Walls intact with no holes or damaged panels

  • 7.4 Lighting in good working condition with covers in place

  • 7.5 Verifying tags are available in the lock out stations on the lines

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