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Task being undertaken:

Shotfirer in Charge / UHL Number / BEUL Number:

  • Licence photo (evidence)

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Supervisor Name and Mobile Phone Number:

Training & Competency

  • Verify that personnel in blast area are appointed and have their licence on them. Use R3413 to verify authorisation. Check expiry dates

  • Licence photo (evidence)

  • Licence photo (evidence)

  • Licence photo (evidence)

  • Licence photo (evidence)

  • Licence photo (evidence)

  • Licence photo (evidence)

Road Closures for blasting

  • Verify training and authorisation for at least two sentries involved in public road closures

General Blasting Questions for the Shotfirer in charge or D & B Supervisor

  • What is the procedure for entering a blast area on site?

  • What are the permissible blasting times on site

  • What is required if we wish to blast outside these hours?

  • Are you familiar with the blast fume scale? Describe:

  • What is the reporting process when there are dust or fume events?

Delineation - Check against HVO-10-WI-Mine-043 Securing, delineating & accessing blast areas

  • Are all entries to the blasting work area delineated?

  • Is the delineation of the entries to the blast area up to required standards?

Explosives and Explosives Equipment

  • What explosives (bulk and IE) are being used in the blast, are these listed on the Load Sheet for the blast?

  • Take a sample list of explosives (bulk and IE) being used on the blast and check against HVO-10-REG-002

  • Does the shotfirer in charge have load sheets for the blast?

  • Take a photo of the load sheet as evidence

  • Conduct a random sample of the tie-in to ensure that best practice methods are being used (Minimum 10 samples)

  • Note: The signal lines in the connector blocks are inserted in the following order: Control --> Echelon --> Hole
    * The signal lines are attached using the clip and slide method to ensure there are no crossovers near the connector block

  • Note: When sampling cord tie-ups ensure that:
    * Lines are firm but not too tight
    * Cord leading from holes are connected to main lines with a clove hitch
    * Where two surface cords are connected they are tied together with a reef knot
    * Where MS connectors have been used there is no excess cord overhanging
    * Only approved cutting implements are used to cut cord

Checklists and Blast Clearance Plans

  • Have the meteorological checks been completed on the pre-blast environmental checklist?

  • If the blast is scheduled to be fired does the shotfirer in charge or their delegate have the blast clearance plan in their possession?

  • Does the blast clearance plan show the 300m (equipment) and 500m (personnel) exclusion zones in relation to the position of the blast?

  • Take a photo of the blast clearance plan as evidence


  • Are all vehicles within the blast area authorised to be in the blast area?

  • Are all unattended vehicles within the blast area chocked as per requirements?

  • Take a list of all vehicles that are within the blast area and check against HVO-10-REG-MINE-003

  • Pick 1 MMU in the blast area and review service records (send email) to Orica Site Supervisor

  • Pick one vehicle in the blast area and check that explosive equipment is correctly stored. Check for the presence of contraband.

  • Note: Contraband must be immediately reported to the D, D & B Superintendent

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