Checking the contractor/ contractors have the relevant documentation to fulfil their responsibilities

  • Have you checked that the principle contractor or contractors has the capability and necessary skill,knowledge, training and experience to fulfill their duties.(Have they the most recent scope of works)

  • Has a project or client brief been issued to the projects team.(question the site agent on site specific pre construction issues)

  • Has the project team been provided with information about the existing site or structure ( pre-construction information, asbestos reports ) ?

  • Are suitable arrangements in place to manage health & safety throughout the project. ,( Check daily health & safety check list)

  • Where required, has an online F10 notification form been submitted to HSE to notify them of commencement of works.

  • Has project specific health and safety advise been sought ( site specific ie next river, electric sub station)

  • Is the asbestos R&D survey available

  • Has the asbestos be left in situ ( photo removal certification)

Project data/information ( check the latest programme of works)

  • Have you checked that a construction phase plan has adequately developed before works start.

  • Has a schedule of key activities been produced for the project.( Are you happy with the POW)

  • Has sufficient time been allowed to complete the key activities.

Checking principal contractors / contractor/ workers hold relevant documentation to carry out their tasks, required skills, training and experience.

  • Is there a visitors log book

  • Has the site induction been completed and signed for.

  • Do all contractors hold a valid CSCS card.

  • Do persons hold relevant valid certification to use specialist equipment ie scaffolds mewps etc ( and is it in date)

  • Is there a site specific risk assessment/ method statement been read and signed by contractors.

  • Is there any young under 18 years old workers on site.

  • If YES has a young persons risk assessment been completed.

Is the site being managed appropriately

  • On arrival was the site secure

  • Is the site security adequate.( Are there weak areas not covered by signage)

  • Is there an assembly point for emergencies.

  • Is there a sufficient amount of first aiders trained and in date .( Check site manager certificates)

  • Is there a health and safety notice board with required minimum standard and emergency contact details assembly point details.

  • Is there a procedure for reporting accidents / incidents and how they are recorded.

  • Are you satisfied that suitable welfare facilities have been provided before work starts on site.

  • Check the fire evacuation plan and is it current?

  • Is there a means to raise the alarm.

  • Is there enough fire signage internal & external

  • Is there a means to extinguish a fire ie portable extinguishers ( in date of service).

  • Add media

  • Are the people present on site wearing the minimum standards of PPE.

  • Are all hazards and risks identified through signage or notices

  • Is there a means of isolating work areas of high risk from other workers ie barrier/ danger tape.

  • Check if the current working with screwfix in on view and signed for.

SDM site visit specific questions

  • Check that 110volt is being used and check cable management

  • Have all site tools been PAT tested and in date .

  • Check the site house keeping

  • Is programme on track within time scales

  • Have you discussed any design changes with the PM

  • Quality of the SDM induction

  • Site manager knowledge of works programme.

  • Check insurance documentation for all contractors are they in date.

  • Summary of site visit

  • SDM details

  • Site Manager details

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