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Closed Cemetery Audit

1.0 - Public safety in cemetery grounds

  • Are there signs indicating the cemetery's opening hours, who manages the cemetery and how to report any issues of concern in the grounds, headstones and monuments?

  • Is there any evidence that security could be improved, evidence of vandalism, empty bottles, syringes etc

  • Are there signs of excess litter that may become hazard if continue to build

  • Are there obvious signs of damage to horizontal surfaces including gravestones that may cause a person to slip, trip and fall? (Sunken or raised parts)

  • Are there any low level gravestones protruding from the ground that a person may trip upon due to grounds not being maintained appropriately (grass cutting)?

  • In regards to lawned burial areas; from the areas visited at the time, is it firm under foot and showing no subsidence?

  • Is there evidence/observations at the time of the visit of persons leaning or sitting on memorials that would cause concern should they be unstable? (Leaning or sitting on memorials should be discouraged).

  • Is there a concern of unsupervised children visiting the cemetery? (Children should be supervised at all times)

  • Is there a procedure mechanism in place to ensure any structure, machinery, material or other brought to the site by any person for any purpose is safe and without risk to others? (Cemetery booklet or leaflet)

  • Does the cemetery's infrastructure (roadways, paths, surface water drainage) appear in good condition?

  • Do trees appear in good condition and surrounding area free of falling branches

  • Is there a programme an inspection programme in place for the trees in the cemetery

  • Is the area free from overgrown weeds, fungi other plants that could pose a health or safety hazard.

2.0 - Masonry Work, Cleaning and General Maintenance of Masonry and Graves

  • Has an assessment as to the condition of headstones and memorials been undertaken which includes site plan, photographic survey which is suitably archived to encourage and make reassessment easy?

  • Is instruction provided to the public not to lift fallen headstones or replace parts of headstones without the cemetery's approval?

  • Before any work on stone is started is the stability of the memorial tested?

  • Is there an appropriate procedure for the vetting of contractors to undertake work on the site?

  • Does a permit to work system operate for masonry workers?

  • Do work permits identify conditions that the Mason must adhere to for safety reasons?

  • Are risk assessments collected from contractors undertaking planned works on the site?

  • Does the risk assessment identify unsuitable stones or any immediate risk?

  • Do contractors complete a method statement for the works they are undertaking?

  • Do contractors barrier off areas where works are being completed?

  • Do method statements include lifting and temporary protection indicate the appropriate equipment will be used (such as A-frame)?

  • Is there a procedure in place for contacting the person responsible for a headstone or memorial?

  • Where no known relatives exist are other interested parties communicated with to ensure local the authority is contacted before any works commence

  • Are records maintained to enable contact with those responsible for the headstones and memorials (lairholder)?

  • Is there a reinstatement strategy for masonry work within the cemetery?

  • Are there established techniques such as barriers, predetermined exclusion zone (at least one and half times the height), warnings signs, temporary headstone supports etc. for headstones awaiting works?

  • Is there any evidence of unsafe monuments (leaning/tilting, cracking etc.) or headstones (weathering, cracking, rusting dowels and supports or erosion due to acid rain)?

  • Are risk assessments retained for masonry work?

  • Is the cemetery cleared of unused and waste material by the Mason?

3.0 -Buildings

  • Are there buildings within the site than need to be managed as part of the closed cemetery (if no buildings mark question as N/A)

  • Has a separate Premises Audit been completed

4.0 - General site Risk Assessment

  • Has a General Risk Assessment been produced using the Councils approved template for this site?

  • Does the Risk Assessment on light review cover the range of hazards typically faced by the facilities and/or services being audited?

  • Has the Risk Assessment being reviewed within the last 12 months (signed and dated)?

  • Are the significant findings of Risk Assessment communicated to the relevant persons; can this communication be demonstrated such as training, instruction, team meetings, listing those who have read the assessments etc.?

5.0 - Workplace Traffic and the Council's Vehicles

  • Are arrangements in place for vehicles to park to allow operatives to carry out their required maintenance activities without the need for excessive manual handling

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