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  • Who is ultimately responsible for maintaining premise?

  • Is there a responsible persons premises log book on site and is it being maintained?

  • Has a person been nominated as the 'Responsible Person' or lead person for ensuring premise documentation is maintained and available on request?

  • Is the nominated person aware of their duties?

  • Does the nominate person know about and have access to the Atrium system to monitor maintenance arrangements for the building?

  • Has general risk assessments been completed for the use/intended use of the premise?

  • Do risk assessments follow the 'five steps' approach?

  • Do risk assessments indicate that hazards are being managed (regularly reviewed, ideally dated, risk ratings no higher than medium, completed in consultation with employees, unions etc.)?

Building Occupation

  • Is the building being occupied or intended to be occupied by Council employees?

  • Is there an up to date H&S Law Poster displayed in a prominent location within the building which can be seen by Council Employees

  • Is the property of a suitable size to accommodate workers and equipment (if applicable) securely? (11 metres cubed per person)

  • Are there suitable arrangements in place for cleaning the facilities?

  • Are there suitable rest and sanitary facilities?

  • Are there suitable waste collection arrangements in place or planned?

  • Is it believed that the building is capable of maintaining adequate temperature?

  • Of the rooms seen does the general ventilation appear suitable and sufficient

  • Are there facilities for having cold drinks or making hot drinks, warming food etc.?

  • Are there arrangements in place (at this location or elsewhere) for changing out of dirty clothes, washing and securely storing clean clothing?

  • Are first aid arrangements suitable?

  • Have lone working arrangements been considered and, where applicable, risk assessed?

  • Is the premise going to be used by non-employees such as hirers, community groups?

  • Have users/hirers of the facilities been provided with all the information about the building to operate safely?

  • Are suitable arrangements in place for the cleaning of the facilities?

  • Are there suitable waste collection arrangements in place or planned?

  • Is it believed that the building is capable of maintaining adequate temperature?

Movement around the building

  • Do rooms and corridors have sufficient lighting?

  • Is lighting suitable and sufficient to allow safe access and exit (including lighting of emergency exits)?

  • Are there up to date records of emergency lighting being serviced?

  • Are corridors and rooms clear from clutter and free from items likely to cause a trip?

  • Are permanent fixtures in good condition e.g. Seats, shelving, cupboards, notice boards, signage etc?

  • Is internal flooring in good condition and of a type to provide good slip resistance?

  • Where any doors contain glass, is this made from safety material?

  • Are all stairs fitted with handrails?

  • Are all areas of the building accessible by the premise controller i.e. where users may have changed locks, copies of keys have been provided?

  • Have you provided (where determined necessary) matting to minimise excess water being carried into the building?

  • Are paths, steps and any ramps to and from the building properly maintained to minimise slip and trip risks?

Building condition (exterior)

  • Can the building be adequately secured?

  • Where fitted, are window, door, lighting screens/guards in good condition?

  • Do gutters/drains appear to be in good working condition?

  • Does exterior paintwork appear to be in good condition?

  • Does concrete and asphalt appear to be good condition?

  • Is the building free from signs of vandalism or damage that require addressing? (consider external and internal)

Car Parking

  • Is there car parking associated with the premise that responsible falls under the responsibility of the 'Responsible Person'? (Smart field question - additional questions will appear if answered 'yes').

  • Has the car park or workplace transport hazards been risk assessed?

  • Is the car park surface maintained to minimise slip and trip risks?

  • Is the car park free of litter and over grown vegetation?

  • Are vehicle and pedestrian routes/flows and car park site entrances/exits clearly marked?

  • Is the car park well lit?

Electrical equipment and services

  • Where there are fixed electrical installations: 1) Are they correctly installed, modified or repaired, then inspected and tested by an electrician or other suitably qualified person before being put into use? 2) Are they inspected and tested at suitable (occasional) intervals by an electrician or other suitably qualified person? (Typically every five years for commercial)

  • Where there are portable or fixed electrical equipment (e.g. cooker or vacuum cleaner): 1) Has it been visually checked and, where necessary, tested at suitable (occasional) intervals to ensure that it is safe to use? 2) Where required, has any damaged electrical equipment been taken out of service or replaced?

Gas equipment and services

  • If fixed gas appliances are available for use (e.g. a boiler, cooker, water heater), are arrangements in place for periodic examinations (annual) and any remedial action by a Gas Safe registered engineer?

  • If mobile gas appliances are available or permitted to be used (eg heaters fuelled by bottle gas), are arrangements in place for periodic examinations and any remedial action by a competent person in place?

  • If there is an externally sited LPG installation with a storage vessel: 1) Is the area around the vessel kept clear? 2) If it is near a road, is it protected from passing traffic? 3) Have pipes carrying the LPG to the building been checked to ensure that they are in good condition?

Pressure Vessels

  • Are there any pressure vessels on site

  • Is there a written scheme of works available for maintaining the pressure vessels

  • Is there evidence that maintence work is being carried out in accordance to the written scheme of works with evidence that any defects identified are being rectified


  • Has the building been surveyed for asbestos containing materials (ACM)?

  • Is the Asbestos Survey and Asbestos Management Plan available at the premise for review by those who may disturb asbestos containing materials?

  • Does the building contain any asbestos? (unscored question)

  • If there is asbestos, and it is good condition, has a record been made of where it is? Are there arrangements to provide this information to anyone who carries out maintenance work on the building?

  • Is there a system in place (e.g. fixed warning signs) to ensure the asbestos is not disturbed, and are regular checks made to ensure it remains undisturbed and in good order?

  • If damaged asbestos has been identified, have arrangements been made to ensure it is either repaired, encapsulated or removed? (The majority of work must be carried out by a licensed contractor unless the asbestos fibres in the material are so well bound in that the work is lower risk and can be done by a contractor who is not licensed by the HSE).


  • Has a premise fire risk assessment been completed or fire safety been considered and proportionate fire safety measures in place?

  • Are Fire Action Notices and extinguisher information cards displayed?

  • Has there been an adequate means identified for raising the alarm by the users?

  • Are escape routes and fire exit doors unobstructed, self closing or capable of self closing in the event of a fire?

  • Are extinguishers in place, tested within the last year with pins/tags in place? (Feel the weight of the extinguisher to determine if it has been emptied).

  • Are all fire doors in good order?

  • Where fire evacuation drills are required have they taken place at least 6 monthly or more where appropriate?

  • If Evac chairs are on premises is there a record of periodic inspections (quarterly)?

Legionnaires' disease and water management

  • Has a water management survey/risk assessment for legionella controls been completed?

  • Has actions/recommendations contained within the assessment/management plan been completed, implemented as ongoing control or planned for completion? Records should be available for all remedial works to demonstrate this.

  • Has a suitable cleaning schedule been implemented of the shower heads and water outlets so there is no build up of scale; do current cleaning standards appear adequate?

  • Where monthly water temperature monitoring is taking place is there evidence available to suggest corrective action is taken when temperature is identified as non compliant

  • Where bacteriological testing has been implemented are records available to review with action taken when necessary

  • Is drinking water signage displayed where required?

Sanitary facilities

  • Are water outlets (showers and taps) free from leaks?

  • Does drainage appear in good working condition? (Consider missing grates/covers)

  • Are toilets clean and free from damage?

  • Is there segregation between male and female?

Lifts and lifting equipment

  • Are there lifts or lifting equipment in the building?(unscored question)

  • Is there a recorded of regular thorough examinations and inspections of lifting equipment (annual or or 6 monthly in line with LOLER requirements)?

  • Have any defects identified been dealt with and resolved satisfactorily?


  • Are there any ladders at the premises?

  • Do the ladders have an identifier on them and is there a record of regular inspections?


  • Are chemical used/stored in the building?

  • Is there an inventory of chemicals used in the building?

  • Are there COSHH risk assessments available?

  • Are there safety data sheets available?

First aid needs

  • Has a first aid needs assessment been completed for the building and is it up to date?

  • Are first aid kit(s) adequately stocked with items within the expiration dates?

  • Where eye wash stations are installed are they suitably located and well stocked

  • Where a defibrillator is on site is it well signed with pads and batteries in date and functioning

Management of contractors and visitors

  • Is there a register kept of visitors and contractors who may be in the building?

  • Is there a site induction so visitors and contractors are made aware of any hazards or safety controls that need to be complied with that are in operation in the building?

Lightning Protection

  • Does the building have lightning protection?

  • Is there a record of the lightning protection system being service (annual) and have all faults identified at the service, if any, been rectified?

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

  • Where LEV is present is there a record that it has had a thorough examination by a competent person and tested once each year (no less than 14 months)

Roof access

  • Where roofs need to be accessed has the roof been assessed and where required a permit to access process in place, method statement and/or safe system of work to ensure safe working?

Additional issues

  • Are there additional issues that require addressing?

  • Does an action need to be raised to correct the issue

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