Fitting rooms

  • Staff is covering fitting rooms entrance ?

  • Cards with numbers are given to the customers ?

  • Garments are counted and checked verifying that all are tagged ?

Blind spots

  • Someone is covering those areas ?

CCTV system

  • CCTV is on, recording, and date and time showed are correct ?

  • Cameras position (covering blind spots, entries and exits, safe, till area) ?

  • Different profiles are created and used to avoid footages manipulation ?

  • Recording time set up is correct (>24h)

Product fitted with alarms

  • All garments are fitted with alarms ?

  • Number of garments found without alarm tags during the visit

  • There is a registry for alarms found in store by date, quantity and location ?

  • Total alarms found are sent monthly to LP area manager ?

  • Alarms doors at the entrance are checked daily to be sure that they are working properly ?

  • Leather goods kept in store are fitted with 3 alarms and the alarm wire ?

Emergency doors

  • Emergency doors are always closed and their alarms work properly ?

  • Emergency doors bells work properly ?

Rubbish bags

  • Mango transparent bags are compulsory ?

  • A manager checks the contents of rubbish bags before taking them out of the store ?



  • The roles are correctly assigned to the members of the staff according to their roles ?

  • Minimum role for authorising refunds is adequate according store resources ?


  • Original ticket information is written on refund ticket in case of partial refund ?

  • All refunds are signed by the staff members involved according the authorisers list ?

  • Refunds without original ticket are checked by a manager ?

  • Refunds without authoriser are checked by the supervisor ?


  • All the tickets (annulation receipt and annulled receipt) are kept in store ?

  • Receipts are signed by the manager who processed the transaction ?

  • Reason for annulation is written on the annulation receipt ?

Keys, money, safe and digit codes

  • Counterfeit detector bills is used ?

  • A template is used daily to report who closed the till, who left the money and float into the safe ?

  • Only managers are key-holders of the main entrance doors, emergency doors, office, safe ? And under their custodies at all the time or locked ?

  • A template to register the key-holders is used and updated ?

  • Only Management know the shop codes ?

  • When a manager leaves her/his position, safe combination, drawer, opening code, digit codes have been changed ?

  • Till area is restricted only for managers and cashiers except store manager's authorisation ?


  • If the doors have a panel code, it works properly ?

  • The stockroom door has a spring hinge that helps the door closes itself ?

  • Stockroom access is restricted only for stockroom team and managers ?

  • In the case of external stockroom, there are specific measures to control garments flow ?

  • Leather garments are all together and alarmed ?

  • There is a note book to register entries and exits ?

Staff supervision

  • Lockers are checked monthly by a manager ?

  • The store keeps all staff purchases folded ?


  • Detaggers are kept in the safe when they are not in use ?

  • A log sheet for detagger is used by the store ?

Uniforms and employees sales

  • A register of the garments issued to members of the staff under the concept of uniforms are kept in a folder ?

  • The uniform list is signed by store manager and employee ?

Taras (faulty garments)

  • Taras are registered on a daily basis into Mango program ?

Partial recounts and inventories

  • Weekly recounts (GDP) are done weekly?

  • Store carries out a least one recount by family OR partial ? One leather recount ?

Administrative work and stockroom management

  • The pending list is updated ?

  • List of opening boxes

  • Goods reception documents (delivery notes and confirmation lists), transfers, returns, taras, PICOS, are kept and folded by date ?

End of the visit

  • Loss Prevention Area Manager signature

  • Store manager signature

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