• Unit picture

  • Unit type

  • Model

  • Serial

  • Serial number picture


  • Before starting to check how the unit is working, it's mandatory review all the setpoints and preworks are finished

  • Please add system configuration

  • System
  • Nylon supports removed from the compressors base

  • Transport reinforcements have been removed

  • Please add type of compressor

  • Model

  • Picture

  • Please, add expansion valves technical specifications

  • Expansion valve
  • Expansion valve mode

  • Model

  • Add media

  • Please add fans configuration system

  • Fans configuration per system

  • System Fan
  • Model Fan

  • Picture

  • Fan System Amperage Regulation (A)

  • Comments

  • Please check antivibrators installed in the unit

  • Picture of antivibrators installed

  • Check the right antivibrators installed

  • Comments

  • Please add heat plate exchanger technical specifications

  • Model

  • Check correct heat plate exchanger sensor probe position

  • Check hydraulic kit configuration (optional)

  • Water filter installed

  • Water pressure in the installation

  • Water filter picture

  • Please add water pumps technical specifications (optional)

  • Water Pump
  • Model

  • Water pump amperage regulation

  • Check right sense of rotation

  • Relief valves model

  • Relief valve
  • Relief valve type

  • Relief valve cutout value

  • Check right relief valve model installed (Pressure cutout, Bars)

  • Comments


  • Please check water septoints configured in the unit

  • System working in......

  • Setpoint value (C)

  • Differential +/- (C)


  • Please add system configuration

  • Unit working in.....

  • Is the system working 100%? (FULL LOAD)

  • Outdoor ambient temperature (C)

  • Inlet water temperature (C)

  • Water outlet temperature (C)

  • Low pressure (Bars)

  • Evaporation temperature (C)

  • Suction temperature (C)

  • Check superheat value (Suction temperature - evaporator temperature, difference between 6-10 C)

  • Superheat value (C)

  • Superheat ok

  • High pressure value (Bars)

  • Condensation temperature (C)

  • Liquid line temperature (C)

  • Check subcooling value (Condensation temperature - liquid line temperature after condenser difference between 8-12 )

  • Subcooling value (C)

  • Subcooling ok


  • Add number of compressors following unit type configuration

  • Check amperage consommation (Ampers) per phase

  • Ampers

  • Phase
  • Phase value (A)


  • Add number of fans following type of unit configuration

  • FAN
  • Sense of rotation fan

  • Phase consommation (Ampers)

  • Phase
  • Phase Value (A)


  • In case of heat pump units, please fill in next questions

  • Does the unit defrosts correctly the coils?

  • Are the sensor coils correctly installed?

  • Sensor coil position picture

HYDRAULIC KIT (optional)


  • Add water pumps following unit type configuration

  • PUMP
  • Check electrical consommation per phase

  • Check electrical consommation per phase (Ampers)

  • Phase
  • Ampers

  • Does flow switch work properly?


  • Does the unit work properly?

  • Final comments

  • Comment

  • Picture


  • Engineer name

  • Customer name

  • Select date

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