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  • Site conducted

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

  • Location

Paths and Walkways

  • Are the paths inspected free of any trip hazards?

  • Are the fire exits observed clear of any obstructions?

  • Condition and appearance of paths inspected

  • Hand rails free of damage?

  • Crossings clearly marked and compliant to expected standards?

  • Knee rails free of damage?


  • Are signs clear and easily read / understood by visitors?

  • Signage free of damage?

  • Car parks clearly labelled ?

  • No parking notifications and road markings visible and in good condition?

  • Parking notice signage in place and clearly visible?

Grounds and Gardens

  • Grounds maintenance regime inplace?

  • Are the grounds areas inspected free of weeds and unwanted vegetation ?

  • Grounds free of litter?

  • Suitable number of bins available?

  • Winter plan available?

  • Grit bins available and contain grit for use?

  • Any observed areas requiring improvement plan

  • Observed tree condition

External furniture

  • Seating areas observed free of damage and in good state of repair?

  • Bins in suitable condition and free of damage?

Main Entrance’s

  • Appearance

  • Signage and notifications around the main entrance clear and free of damage?

  • Flooring free of any potential hazards and in good state of repair?


  • Demarcation of parking bays clear?

  • Signage and notifications clear and free of damage?

  • Condition of surface observed

  • Any defects to surface requiring urgent attention


  • Road markings clear?

  • Condition of road areas observed

  • Any defects needing urgent attention?

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