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15.000 Cable & Duct Lay

  • 15.005 Route position correct according to plan

  • 15.026 Duct at customer boundary for direct install fibre sealed and buried or housed in approved enclosure (eg Pedestal or Handhole)

  • 15.029 Cable - FIBRE Warning tape installed

  • 15.030 Labels - Network labelling in place to suit requirements

  • 15.031 Buried cable - depth and protection

80.000 Aerial Cable

  • 80.003 Cable Haul - ADSS - Cable down pole secured with down-lead clamp

  • 80.005 Cable Haul - ADSS - Fibre on lower section of pole protected with cover<br>

107.000 Documentation

  • 107.001 All documentation lodged in itools And Correct e.g. Scope, CDPs, RMA site plans, Lay, Hauling and Grid plans, Quote, Netmap as built, PRA and Handover document

  • 107.002 Build standards applied in design, Manhole & cable size, plant location, position

  • 107.003 Financials- Work priced correctly using Template, FS codes / quotes as applicable.

  • 107.004 Costs - Tasks completed as per proposed plan

  • 107.005 Records Integrity- NetMAP updated, integrity checked & confirmed. PRA passes

  • 107.006 CNSP - All network items defined within the Chorus Network Specified Product (CNSP) process are used in the network. No non approved items used

  • 107.007 Lead in- Decision tree applied for correct lead in method

108.000 Fibre Lay

  • 108.001 Fibre Haul - Correct cable installed as per project pack

  • 108.002 Fibre Haul - ALL cable ends sealed with Heatshrink, coiled and secured ready for use

109.000 Hardware Install

  • 109.001 Records Integrity- NetMAP label on closure & each cable tail

  • 109.002 Closure - 30mm bending radius unconditionally observed at all locations

  • 109.003 Security - Pit lids secure/locked, with bung fitted where appropriate

  • 109.004 BDD/Pit - Pit installed correctly

  • 109.005 Pedestal - vertical, firm, depth

  • 109.006 Pedestal - Foam bung fitted/in correct position

  • 109.007 Ruggedised MD - Correct surface mount fastenings used/spacing to suit surface,. Spacing max 600mm supported, 300mm unsupported

  • 109.008 Entry tubes sealed

  • 109.009 Splice Trays - Two Fibres per tray only

  • 109.010 Tube holder installed

  • 109.011 Closure - Silica Gel Pack installed/replaced

  • 109.012 Closure - All Latches are closed - ports blocked/sealed

  • 109.013 Closure - O-Ring Installed

  • 109.014 Security - Swing Arm and bracket in working order / or mounted on manufactured bracket

  • 109.015 Building Entry Pipe - Correct reducers used and protection installed, appropriate external pipe and fixings used

  • 109.016 BUDI installed correctly - vertical, lid secure, labelled and coils managed correctly

  • 109.017 BUDI - Feeder/fibre cables labelled correctly. Incoming fibre secured to anchor point with foam and zip tie

  • 109.018 Micro Duct - All microducts labelled, capped and secured to wall or tray in riser

  • 109.019 GR3/GPX Cabinet - Tray retention strap in place

  • 109.020 Fibre routed and laid up correctly in tray. All unused connectors capped

  • 109.021 Fibre - Slack Managed in fibre management coil. 30mm bend radius unconditionally observed at all locations

  • 109.022 BUDI - Splitter installed and labelled

  • 109.023 BUDI - Correct number and type of trays installed. Tray retention strap in place

  • 109.024 Fire & smoke barriers reinstated in accordance to AS/NZS3000 Standard

  • 109.025 Duct tap off box secured to wall or tray in riser and labelled correctly. All tubes jointed correctly where they exit the top. Microduct Management Bend back to prevent the EPFU creeping down the riser. Back bend and tie on away side.

  • 109.026 Outer door locks work smoothly and door closes without jamming

  • 109.027 Feeder fibre installed and labelled correctly

  • 109.028 Distribution Frame: Correct Trays installed & labelled

  • 109.029 Distribution Frame: Data card inside draw and labelled with the splitter, unit, level #

  • 109.030 Correct number of mandrels installed. Patch cords correct length and routing

  • 109.031 Minimum bend radius maintained when drawers are opened and closed

  • 109.032 Splitter installed and labelled, and splitter legs secured in parking bay

  • 109.033 Secured to wall/tray in riser

  • 109.034 Window cut does not exceed the breakout unit

  • 109.035 Cable protection cover installed on unused window

  • 109.036 Gravity loop in place for all cables and secured neatly

  • 109.037 Gas block connectors, end stops, 5mm divisable seal installed

  • 109.038 Drop lead access hatches installed correctly, straight and sealed. Work area on ceiling clean

  • 109.039 Pathways installed as per plan/standard. All pipes straight, junction boxes sealed and correct saddles and spacing used

  • 109.040 Drops leads (2f/tube) coiled neatly, well contained and hidden

111.000 Reinstatement & Completion

  • 111.001 Work areas and safety- Property damage made good

  • 111.002 Service Lead- Reinstatement/ backfill satisfactory around Buried Service Lead

  • 111.003 H&S- No fibre task waste, all optical (glass) ends safely contained

  • 111.004 H&S - Concrete surround flush with footpath or surrounding ground, no trip hazard

  • 111.005 Reinstatement - Reseal completed - Footway/vehicle resurfaced

  • 111.006 Reinstatement - Grass reinstated and replanted

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