Are any walkways, accesses, or workplaces obstructed with rubbish, leads, equipment or materials?

Can you see any overloading to scaffolds or scaffold/alloy towers that have not been tagged safe to use?

Are there any openings left uncovered or unguarded?

Are there any materials stacked/stored unsafely?

Are there any timbers left lying around with nails left in?

Are all staircases and work places sufficiently lit and are the leads at height avoiding trip hazards?

Are all site welfare facilities clean and tidy free from leaks with sufficient barrier creams available?

Are all Lindner exclusion zones built and signage added to warn 3rd party trades of intended and-ongoing works?

Are there any edges which have not been properly barriered off that people could access?

Can people enter or access beneath overhead works or confined spaces or live areas?

Access to heights - Spider Machines, MEWPs, Alloy Towers, Nano or Push around access

Are all operatives competent and hold a valid IPAF/CITB certification and signed up to the LOAF forms?

Is there a full time person in attendance in case of emergency lowering?

Have all daily checks been completed and the emergency lowering been performed and the briefing sheet signed?

Is there a site spill kit available and have all operatives completed spill kit training?

Have all daily checks been completed prior to works commencing?

Are all Certificates in date and the HETCo ID and pass fitted confirming the weight classification of the MEWP?

Has the emergency lowering been performed and the briefing sheet signed?

Are Plants tag holders secured to the Mewp?

During break times are the plant tags pulled to ensure the machine cannot be used by 3rd party trades?

Scaffolding Generally

Has our scaffold been built by a PASMA trained person and correctly tagged safe to use?

Are all task sheets in place including risk assessments for using scaffolds?

Are there other trades working below or likely to work below our scaffold?

Are any toe boards, hand rails, stabilisers, wheels/plates or boards missing from Lindner alloy towers?

Are towers been used correclty?

Are any towers overloaded with materials like to cause injury to others?

Are our alloy scaffold towers within an exclusion zones?

Have we recorded OR submitted any Near miss cards relating to scaffold?

VIP tour / Public, Site interfaces

Is the Public or persons on a VIP, HAL, BA tour in any immediate risk from current working operations eg. lifting operations

Is segregation of the public from working interfaces more than adequate to the extent access is not possible?

Are there any conditions likely to cause a slip trip or fall hazard?

Plant and Equipment

Is plant operated or parked where it can fall into adjacent excavations or be driven over un protected edges?

Are all leading edges protected with steel angles or red and white barriers in place?

When moving plant through the internal walk ways is there a banks man at all times, if not has a near miss been recorded?

Is plant driven at the correct speed and on protection?

Is the Mini Crane certification in date and the lift plan and LOAF form in place and stored on the crane?

Has the crane been checked prior to use for faults or damage?

Is there any damage to the crane and its attachments NOT lifting equipment?

Is the Crane Bogey and Soot Buster with the crane at all times?

Does the crane have the correct amount and the correct sized pads for when lifting takes place?


Are all Lindner employee's wearing the correct sign written PPE?

Is all Lindner PPE in good condition free from rips and tears and not defaced in any manner?

Are Employee's wearing PPE at all times?

Have we received any disciplinary's for NOT wearing PPE? Report and Name offenders in report?

Are all Hard Hats in date?

Are glasses clear and anti shatter? Dark or Sun glasses are NOT permitted to be worn in the building? Report with Photo ID

Are all gloves issued Anti cut at least minimum cut 4 or more? Report cut resistance with photo evidence?

Site Electrical Services General?

Are all transformers situated close to working areas and out of walkways?

Are trailing leads placed overhead rather than across walkways? If NO record near miss and issue as part of monthly Audit?

Is there any 240v being used on site? Record near miss and issue? All 240v should be secured and not be visible photo ID?

Have all Lindner 240v Chargers been secured in supplied battery banks? Photo evidence required?

Has all 110v Plant, 240v Chargers and 110v Leads been PAT tested and recorded?

Tools and Cutting equipment

Are all tools PAT tested and in date?

Are all chop saws PAT tested

Have all benches ear protection and glasses / goggles attached? Evidence of damage required?

Have daily plant checks been carried out prior to use?

Are tools free from damage to included guards, blades, plugs etc?

Are all work benches in good working order wheels etc? photo evidence of damage required?

Fire and Evacuation

Are you aware of the fire alarms and are you working within ear shot of an alarm?

Does your work require you to have a fire extinguisher and if so is it pressurised and tagged?

Are your men aware of the meeting / muster point in the event of the fire alarm sounding?

Do you have an evacuation / fire alarm attendance register in the event of an evacuation and who is responsible?


Near Miss Card

Near Miss Card

Near Miss Card

Near Miss Card

Near Miss Card

Near Miss Card

Near Miss Card

Near Miss Card

Near Miss Card

Near Miss Card

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.