• For the Members of

  • Church Name

  • Audit Title

  • Review of financial reports for the period ended:

  • Conducted on

  • Treasurer

  • Was the treasurer present for the review?

  • Reviewed by



  • Have the persons responsible for the financial reports signed an engagement letter acknowledging the terms of the audit or signed the acceptance below?

  • What is the governing code determining the requirements for this review

  • If applicable, name of other governing code

    All cash receipts are not recorded .. Cash takings are not promptly banked .. Expenditures are not properly authorised .. GST is incorrectly claimed on input taxed services, staff employment obligations not met...

  • Have you considered the major risks of fraud for this client<br><br>

  • Are all activities of the church and all bank accounts being reviewed?

  • Has previous year annual information been lodged with ACNC?

  • Copy of preliminary reports to be reviewed

Cash Balances


  • Copy of bank reconciliations

  • Copy of bank statements

  • Have you determined that the opening cash balance agrees with last year's reported balance?

  • Does the closing cash book balance reconcile to the year end bank statement?

  • Were all outstanding cheques less than 3months old?

  • Were all reconciling deposits outstanding less than one week?

  • What is the total of deposits in the general account as determined from bank statements?

  • Does the total deposits reconcile to the Receipts as shown by the financial report?

  • Have all other bank accounts been reconciled and the book figure reported?

  • Have all cash investments been verified by sighting year end statements and confirmations?

  • Does the amount of interest received correlate with reported cash investment balances?

Cash Receipts


  • Review collection records and bankings for the whole year

  • Does the church record of offertories account for every service for every week of the year?

  • Has each collection been counted by 2 people who both sign the count as correct?

  • Are collections being banked intact?

  • Are collections being promptly banked?

  • Are collections being properly dissected and recorded in the financial records?

  • Has GST been collected on any commercial lettings of premises?

  • Has a detailed substantiation of selected collections been completed?

  • Transactions examined

  • Comments on transactions examined

  • Do any errors noted pose an error or fraud risk?

Cash Payments


  • Review the cash expenditures for the whole year for large or unusual items

  • Does there appear to be adequate supporting documentation for payments made?

  • Are payments being approved by two signatories?

  • Has GST been properly recorded and claimed?

  • Has the expenditure been correctly allocated in the financial records?

  • Have you enquired whether GST has been claimed on residential property or overseas travel?

  • Have any fundraising events (less than 14 in a year) been input taxed?

  • Has a detailed substantiation of selected payments been completed?

  • Transactions examined

  • Comments on transactions examined

  • Do any errors noted pose an error or fraud risk?

Employment Records

5. Employment Records

  • Are staff being paid correctly approved rates

  • Do fringe benefit arrangements comply with FBT legislation and church policies?

  • Has employee withholding tax been correctly calculated and promptly remitted to the ATO?

  • Have payments for supply and other personal services arrangements been correctly treated with either.. TFN, ABN or volunteer declarations obtained?

  • Have assessments for workers compensation, superannuation and other benefits been correctly determined and promptly remitted to relevant authorities?

  • Have BAS returns been prepared in accordance with financial records and lodged promptly?

  • Have you reviewed the Integrated Client Account for timely lodgment of BAS returns and any refunds that may be due?

Treasury Oversight


  • Copy of minutes

  • Have you reviewed the approved minutes of all meetings for the year and noted any significant financial decisions?

  • Do minutes of meetings evidence proper oversight of financial affairs and approval of expenditures?

  • Was a budget approved for the year and actual receipts and payments compared to the budget periodically during the year?

  • Have all points raised by the prior year review been adequately addressed by TCWG?

  • Has the Treasurer (and/or committee members) signed a statement for the accounts

  • Copy of Treasurer's Statement

Financial Report


  • Financial Report on file?

  • Does the financial report agree with the financial records?

  • Do prior year comparative figures agree with prior year reports?

  • Do the classification of income and expense items comply with church reporting guidelines and policies?

  • Are the additions of the report correct?

  • Have all items been correctly and fully disclosed in the reports, especially any trust monies?

  • Have all errors and recommendations been documented and reported to TCWG?

  • Are you satisfied that the financial report is accurate and an assurance statement can be issued?

  • Copy of Review Statement

  • Signature of assessor

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