Bench Grinder

  • Bench grinder tongue guard < 1/4", rest < 1/8"

Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Bloodborne pathogens response equipment available

Compressed Gas

  • Caps on cylinders when not in use

  • Compressed gas cylinder storage labeled

  • Cylinders secure, chained top 1/3

  • Full and empty cylinders stored separately

Cranes and Slings

  • Crane controls legible

  • Cranes hoists labeled with capacity

  • Crane rails labeled with capacity

  • Daily crane inspections conducted and documented

  • Out of service craned marked "Out of Service"

  • Slings in good condition. Damaged slings discarded

  • Slings inspected quarterly and documented

  • Slings properly documented, not in pile


  • Electrical boxes labeled with voltage and purpose

  • Electrical boxes' doors closed

  • Electrical equipment has 36" clearance

  • Extension cords are adequate for load (no spiraling of cover)

  • Extension cords free of cuts, splices, deformation, tape

  • Extension cords not used for permanent power supply

  • No "daisy-chaining" of power strips

  • Out of service equipment labeled "Out of Service"

  • Power strips are industrial grade

Emergency Action

  • Emergency phone numbers posted

  • Evacuation map posted

  • Emergency lighting available to exit building

  • Emergency shelter signs posted


  • Exits marked and unobstructed

  • Exits that are not exits labeled "Not An Ext"

Eye Wash and Safety Shower

  • Eye wash tested

Fall Protection

  • Fall protection harnesses inspected quarterly and documented

Fire Extinguisher

  • Fire extinguisher charged (gauge in green)

  • Fire extinguisher hydrotest current (<5 yrs)

  • Fire extinguishers in good condition, free of corrosion

  • Fire extinguishers inspected monthly and documented

  • Fire extinguishers mounted

  • Fire extinguishers sign present

Fire Suppression System

  • Paint booth air filters within normal operating limits

  • Paint booth sprinkler heads free of excessive buildup

First Aid and CPR

  • At least one person certified in first aid and CPR present each shift

  • First aid kit available and adequately supplied

Flammable Materials

  • Flammable cabinet doors closed

  • Flammable cabinet grounded

  • Flammable cabinets free of objects on top of cabinet

  • Flammable materials stored in NFPA approved containers

  • Previously opened flammable materials stored in flammable cabinet


  • Daily inspections conducted and documented

  • Forklift operators wearing seat belts

  • Horn sounded when turning corner

  • Operator license available

  • System available to confirm all daily inspections performed

Hand & Port Power Tools

  • No homemade tools

  • Portable grinders abrasive wheel > 2" guarded

  • Portable power tools in good condition

Hazardous Waste

  • Hazardous waste drums labeled with accumulation start date

  • Hazardous waste storage aisle space adequate to inspect containers

  • Hazardous waste storage area clean and free of debris

  • No paint cans present outside of waste drums

  • Spill kit available

  • Waste drums are closed

  • Weekly hazardous waste inspections are current


  • Labels on secondary containers

  • Safety Data Sheets Available

Hearing Conservation

  • Areas requiring hearing protection labeled

  • Personnel wearing hearing protection where required

Heat Stress

  • Heat stress signage posted in restrooms


  • Area free of debris and liter

  • No food present in workplace

  • Restroom facilities clean. Hot and cold water. Towels available.

Job Safety Analysis

  • Job Safety Assessments (JSAs) available in work area.


  • Ladders inspected and documented quarterly

  • Ladders inspected before use


  • LOTO procedures present

Machine Guarding

  • Machine guards present

Material Storage

  • Load limit on racking

  • Racking anchored to floor

OSHA 300 Log

  • OSHA 300 log posted 2/1 - 4/30

  • OSHA 300A submitted electronically by 4/30/XX

Outside Storage

  • No evidence of staining, release or debris from outside storage

Petroleum Handling

  • No evidence of spill, release or staining


  • Federal and state labor posters posted


  • Personnel wearing safety glasses

  • Personnel wearing steel toed shoes

Respiratory Protection

  • Respirators clean and in good condition

  • Respirators properly stored (individual bag with name)

  • Respirators used in required areas


  • Restroom facilities clean, hot and cold water, towels available


  • No evidence of staining, release or debris from outside storage

  • No evidence release affecting stormwater

  • Stormwater outfall labeled

Universal Waste

  • Aerosol cans accumulated in container marked "Aerosol Cans"

  • Aerosol cans punctured in commercially available unit

  • Aerosol cans punctured placed in scrap metal container

  • Battery containers closed

  • Battery containers have start date < 1 Yr

  • Battery containers labeled "Universal Waste"

  • Contents of aerosol cans recycled

  • Fluorescent lamp containers closed

  • Fluorescent lamp containers have start date < 1 Yr

  • Fluorescent lamp containers labeled "Universal Waste"

Used Oil

  • Used oil accumulation are clean, neat, orderly

  • Used oil containers closed, bungs in place

  • Used oil containers in good condition, no dents, no oil on top or sides

  • Used oil containers labeled, "Used Oil" not "Waste Oil"

Walk-Work Surfaces

  • Area free of trip hazards

Waste Management

  • No unknown material present

  • Out of date materials properly disposed

  • Used materials properly stored


  • No visible fugitive emissions of welding fumes from building


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